Kalle’s experience with OJ’s induction programme

For many years, OJ has presented new employees to a carefully planned induction programme. The arrangement has been continuously improved and adjusted to give new employees the best possible start. Recently, OJ’s new project manger was introduced to the personalised induction programme.

The approximately 8-week long induction programme works very well. In particular, I like the mentoring arrangement, which is part of the induction programme, where you are assigned to a person who can always be contacted about anything and everything. You have a lot of questions to company procedures and practices, where to find pens etc.

As I see it – when all comes to all, this saves time and resources as the newly appointed does not “bother” colleagues with the simple questions you have in order to proceed with your tasks. I had a very good dialogue with my mentor, who helped me with the practicalities, but also made sure that I got off to a good start socially.

There is no doubt that OJ has project planning under control, it is organised in detail in a project folder. Everything about the project is carefully defined and described. Therefore, there was no hesitation when I started working at OJ as I was prepared for project work and methods.

Among other things, I was able to read about OJ’s e-mail and meeting culture in the employee handbook, and I am very surprised by the high moral that flourishes in the company. For instance, at meetings everybody shows up on time and well-prepared, and you end meetings on time respecting the next booking of conference room.

At OJ, people are generally very forthcoming and helpful. I particularly noticed that the employees are very committed to their work and they are clearly eager to solve tasks in the best possible way. Collegial, it seems like everyone – throughout the company – has a fantastic solidarity.

I am certain that the induction programme, which is tailored and adjusted to the new employee, along with the mentoring arrangement helps you to become autonomous faster. I have been introduced to other induction programmes in other workplaces, but nothing similar to the one at OJ. When I opened my Outlook calendar on my first day of work, all meeting notifications in connection with the induction programme were in my calendar. I experience a proactive company that is very much in control of its business.

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