COVID-19 information (March 18th, 2020)

OJ Electronics will continue with normal operations despite COVID-19 both at OJ Denmark and our EMS partners.
We are in close constant dialogue with suppliers and freight forwarders and nothing indicates that the situation will change within the next 1-2 months.

Like everyone else in Denmark and the rest of the world, OJ has also taken precautions to prevent the spread of infection in connection with COVID-19. We have made every effort to maintain production and daily operations.

Among other things, we have restricted access for guests to the company, such as customers, suppliers, craftsmen, etc. In connection with for example urgent tasks and if absolutely necessary, we will make exceptions. All other visits are postponed to protect both guests and our staff.

As a starting point, customer visits are also postponed. However, we try to arrange online meetings etc. on telephone or Skype if possible.

Internally restrictions on employees according to hygiene, traffic between departments, distance between individual employees, etc. were made – applicable to both production and administrative staff. Several of the administrative staff have also been encouraged to work at home. All OJ employees can be contacted as usual.

Obviously, the development in the situation will be followed closely by OJ. We will take further precautions if necessary in relation to government announcements.

Take care of yourself and each other.