How OJ Electronics Uses Transparency to Solidify Enduring Partnerships During Tough Times

"Our customer is at the center of everything we do." OJ Electronics' motto has been translated into clear actions during 2021 and 2022. It has been a period in which many companies experienced market conditions they had never encountered. A combination of lockdowns, a high market demand, broken logistics chains, geopolitical conflicts, dramatic increases in freight and energy prices, and general unpredictability resulted in a market environment where delivery transparency is lacking, shortages are rampant, prices are climbing, and inflation is rising.

Like all electronics manufacturers, OJ Electronics have been affected by global shortages, which interfered directly with our delivery schedules. OJ’s managers soon realized our problems could impact the customer’s production shortly. As part of the ‚OJ Way‘ of leading business, the situation was communicated immediately and honestly. „For OJ, the priority has been establishing a transparent and frank dialogue with our customers as we understand how critical our products are for our customers‘ production,“ says Anders Høgh-Skov, Sales and Marketing Director at OJ Electronics.


The shortage of electronic components became a significant issue worldwide, worsening as time passed.

„Like many companies, we were dealing the best we could with supply chain issues and various material shortages. We work with a number of suppliers from around the world, but OJ really stood out to us because of how transparent and reliable they were with their communication with us. And that open communication style made all the difference for us because we understood exactly how we could work together with OJ to solve any issues that arose. In addition to excellent communication, they also worked with us to resolve problems with innovative solutions so that we could focus on providing a similar level of service to our own customers.“

Julia Billen from WarmlyYours
Julia Billen, Owner, and President of
WarmlyYours Radiant Heating

„All decisions during these uncertain times were communicated, contextualized, and open to discussion. At OJ, nothing is hidden, unshared, or pretended. Our focus is on building a customer relationship that leads us to a fruitful and long partnership. We are known for being a straightforward company, and we all work hard to build this reliable feeling on our customers“, emphasizes Anders.

Unfortunately, there are no clear signs that this situation will change soon. It seems likely, however, that it is stabilizing. The present scenario affects all markets and companies around the world. „These are difficult and trying times. But it’s much less daunting when you have faith in your partners and trust that they will always be open and clear with you. I’m so thankful for the partnership that WarmlyYours has with OJ precisely because of all the hard work they put into being reliable communicators. Based on our experience, I would be hard-pressed to name another company that has handled this difficult period with greater competence and respect for their customers,“ said Julia.

Excellent and clear communication instantly impacts the quality of relationships between companies and their customers. „Our customers need transparency and relevant insight from their partners to make efficient business plans. At OJ, we work hard to be a trustworthy business that companies can rely on, even during the most challenging times“, says Anders.




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