Complete, versatile thermostat for WiFi control

The OJ Microline® WiFi Thermostat OWD5 shares the extensive range of setting options and functions of the acclaimed OJ Microline® Touch Thermostat OCD5 – with the added benefit of WiFi connectivity. This makes it the most complete and versatile thermostat for WiFi control of electric floor heating you can get.

Users can now control their thermostats via an intuitive app. They can keep each thermostat individually controlled – or combine them in jointly controlled heating zones. The system can be easily expanded and reconfigured to match changing needs. This easy scalability also makes it perfect for private homeowners’ projects of all kinds – from in a single bathroom to underfloor heating throughout the entire home.

The OJ Microline® WiFi Thermostat OWD5 is compatible with all widespread temperature sensors and frame systems on the market, making it ideal for upgrades of existing heating solutions as well as for new builds.

WiFi-enabled thermostat

Adding WiFi connectivity to our range of control options was a natural step for OJ Electronics: we want to continually give our clients access to options that suit the most sophisticated systems on the market.

By popular demand, we created a WiFi-enabled thermostat, OWD5 for electric underfloor heating, allowing it to be controlled by an app. This cloud-based solution combines an updated version of the OJ Microline® Touch Thermostat OCD5 with the latest generation of the OJ Microline® app. Each thermostat now has built-in WiFi that enables users to control their heating via their Android or IOS devices – and the built-in wizard also makes commissioning trouble-free.

For further information see our OJ Microline Touch thermostats program.

App wizard assists set-up. And everyday use.

The user-friendly OJ Microline® app gives installers detailed assistance when connecting the new WiFi-based thermostat. The wizard function specifically helps installers connect to the router, set up a profile and link the thermostat to the profile.

The app also gives users easy access to all everyday functions – and lets them set their thermostats to exactly match their temperature control needs. Detailed information on energy consumption makes it easy for users to maximise their energy savings. And of course they always have full control right at hand – no matter where they are.

No manuals necessary: users are guided through the few, simple steps necessary to connect the thermostat to the app. Then they can enjoy full control of their heating system, easy access to energy consumption statistics and more.

Available for Android and IOS.

Works well in many, many ways

Reliability is a key focus area for OJ Electronics. We want you to have complete confidence that your solution works well – instantly.

OJ Microline® OWD5 WiFi Thermostats are based on tried-and-tested technology – and the built-in WiFi actively assists commissioning. You won’t need additional components such as gateways: simply connect the thermostat to a compatible standard WiFi-router with Internet access and let the built-in wizard take you simply and swiftly through every single step, ensuring trouble-free commissioning. And we also pay attention to the little details, for example by supporting WPS for simple router access – no passwords required.

In everyday use, the robust system design means that users will retain full control of the heating even if their Internet access is interrupted: they can always access all programming options and functions via the built-in display.

WiFi Thermostats Products

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