UWG4 / AWG4: The thermostat can’t connect to the server

Requirements: Wi-Fi network, Mobile hotspot.

  • 1. Activate a hotspot* from your smartphone
    • * This will share your mobile network.
  • 2. Press , top right corner
    • 2.1. Press "Wi-Fi / Weather"
  • 3. From the list, choose the name of your mobile hotspot
    • 3.1. Enter the network key for the hotspot, and press
    • 3.2. When the connection is established, press and finish the setup
  • 4. Can the thermostat connect to the servers using a mobile hotspot?
    • Possible solutions:
    • Yes:

      The router is most likely causing this issue. Please investigate our suggestions below or contact the place you bought your router.

      Disconnect a Wi-Fi device and try again. Some routers can only handle a limited number of devices.

      Make sure to use a 2.4gHz router.

      Make sure that server ports: 9533 and 9534 is open in the router. For information regarding this, contact the manufacturer of the router.

    • No:

      Contact the retailer from whom you have purchased the thermostat.

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