• DRHX-RS-485 & Analog control (1-8Nm)

    OJ-DRHX RS-485 & Analog control

    Flexible DRHX with sophisticated software

    The OJ-DRHX RS-485 & Analog control is equipped with both Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP and an 0-10V interface for controlling, making it the perfect choice for refurbishment and much more.

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  • DRHX-Constan speed (1-8Nm)

    OJ-DRHX-Modbus control

    This is the basic variant in the DRHX family

    It still contains all the needed features and of course the new software rotor monitor/guard and silent motor operation

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  • DRHX-Constan speed (1-8Nm)

    OJ-DRHX Constant speed

    Accurately controlled rotor speed

    The Constant speed variant is the new member of the DRHX family designed with simplicity in mind.

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  • MRHX-3P01N, 1Nm


    Stepper motor for rotary heat exchangers

    The OJ-MRHX stepper motor program fit together with our OJ-DRHX controller perfectly the rotary heat exchanger demands. The MRHX stepper motor enable high starting torque, an even torque curve, continuously run at low speed and comes with a smaller foot print. By use of a stepper motor there are no risk of leakage of oil nor use of any wear out components.

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  • OJ-DRHX-Pctool

    Service and engineering PC tool

    Service and engineering PC tool for controlling, monitoring, setting up and configuring OJ DRHX products.

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