Great news for North American especially Canadian fans

The DV series has been expanded with six new variants for use with 600V supply voltage. This means that even more fan systems worldwide can now enjoy the benefits of OJ Drive technology: durability, flexibility and the features you need.

The six new variants expand the scope of the DV series to include 600V supply voltage areas. As Preben D. Jessen, Head of Drive Products at OJ Electronics, explains: „The DV series of drives has been very popular with customers, who praise its durability, flexibility and features, so it’s hardly surprising that our North American customers wanted to get in on the action, too. As ever, we took their request very seriously and went on to create the 600V series, so that these drives can now be used in an even wider range of applications worldwide. The DV 600V series can be supplied with voltage between 460 and 600 VAC – and it is also cULus recognised, which makes it ideal for Canadian applications“.

For all fan systems

„Ultimately, this addition of 600V versions is about making the DV drive series available for even more systems worldwide“

The new range covers virtually all fan systems. Preben D. Jessen says: „The OJ DV drives are specifically designed to be very flexible in use, so they’re suitable for any fan system. Part of that flexibility involves the opportunity to add optional modules to suit your particular application – just talk to us about what you want to do, and we’ll probably have a solution! Speaking of flexibility, many also appreciate the fact that when mounting the drive outside the air flow, the DV drive can also be equipped with an external cooling fan“.

Comes in six power variants

„The new DV 600V series comprises six variants from 2.4 to 7.5kW. ‘We obviously wanted to cater to different needs for power in different systems,“ says Preben Jessen, „and these six variants give excellent opportunities for matching your situation with the right equipment.’ No matter which version you choose, its outside dimensions will be the same: ‘All six models come in the same enclosure size; this makes planning and mounting easier and more convenient overall“.

Norms and standards

As you would expect, the DV 600V series complies with all norms and standards. „Our North American customers will be particularly interested in the fact that the new drives are cULus Recognised. Also, the series comes with a fully integrated EMC filter, which means that it meets the norms set for emissions and immunity in industrial and residential areas. You can also easily meet IE requirements by using an IM or PM motor together with an OJ-DV. It might also be useful to know that the DV drives have an IP65 and Type 4X sealing rating, which means that the drive is suitable for outdoor installation down to -40°C/F – and UV resistant, too.“
„Ultimately, this addition of 600V versions is about making the DV drive series available for even more systems worldwide – and judging by the responses so far, we’re confident it will be well received.“

The new OJ DV 600V series in brief

  • For 460–600V supply voltage
  • 6 power variants
  • PM and IM motors
  • UL 61800-5-1 and C2.22.174)
  • IP65 / Type 4X sealing grade
  • With and without external cooling fan

For details and specifications on the new OJ DV 600V drive, click here.
Want to learn more about the benefits of OJ DV drives? Ask your local OJ Electronics contact – and find more details here

Great news for North American especially Canadian fansCustomised
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