OJ Air2 update improves AHU-systems and adds benefits

Imagine a facility manager monitoring and discussing a sudden ventilation issue with a service technician. Now place the two 100 miles apart and have them look at the same real-time screen while talking solutions and options. This scenario is now possible with the updated OJ Air Cloud® – another step towards a greener future.

Faster and smoother service processes, better air quality inside buildings, energy and money saved, and a reduced carbon footprint. The recent update of the OJ Air Cloud® for ventilation systems comes with a number of benefits for facility owners as well as for service technicians.

OJ Air Cloud by OJ Electronics

COVID-19 has increased ventilation surveillance

Focus on air quality in office facilities and public buildings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and schools, has increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faulty or deficient ventilation is no longer tolerated, as it can spread infected air between people, rooms and even to other floors. When it comes to airborne viruses, like COVID-19, speed is pivotal.

To meet demands today, you need to ensure steady and flawless operation, close monitoring of the AHU, and a shorter response time for service providers. To accommodate this, the OJ Air2 controller has been updated, allowing you to offer decentralised monitoring, testing, and critical adjustment to service providers.

“Basically, what we’ve done is merge our webserver features with the OJ Air Cloud® solution,” says Jens Antonsen, Product Manager at OJ Electronics. “This enables external service providers to access the AHU without using an expensive VPN connection. Through a secure cloud tunnel, he or she can now sit at home and monitor the system, run tests, and even adjust critical settings”.

Continuous operation means money saved

Secure connection via OJ Air Cloud® enables the external service technician to not only see, what the facility manager is seeing, but also to analyse the nature of the problem. Sometimes the problem can be solved with a minor adjustment. In case spare parts are required, the technician knows this and can bring them, next time he pays the site a visit.

“It goes without saying, one visit by the service guys is cheaper than two visits,” Jens Antonsen explains. “Knowing the root cause to a problem, using this OJ Air2 setup, allows the service technician to prepare the visit, bring the right spare parts, and save time when paying the physical visit. It really is a win-win for all parties”.
Jens Antonsen from OJ Electronics
Jens Antonsen, Product Manager, OJ Electronics

Antonsen points out, that even the normal IT-security clearance procedures for external service providers are smoother with the improved OJ Air Cloud® solution.

“Our webserver environment is a closed-circuit system, unlike your typical Team Viewer session. This means service technicians only need to be cleared once to access a given AHU system. He or she can do the job faster, the facility manager is happier, and the IT guys sleeps at night”.

The new OJ Air2 system setup is a tried-and-tested solution. Field studies of in-operation ventilation systems at various facilities show, just how big a cost reduction you can expect when using it.

OJ Air Cloud compared to a Team Viewer Session

OJ Air Cloud compared to Service Visit

Everybody benefits with OJ Air Cloud®

  • The people working in the building/facility experience an all-over better air quality, thus a healthier working environment.
  • Facility owners experience happier tenants and likely fewer sick days among the staff, i.e., increased productivity.
  • Facility managers are able to ensure more hours of flawless performance and reduce hours of redundant control and tests.
  • Service providers will be able to foresee problems and solve sudden issues faster, allowing them to service more customers, using the same staff.
  • AHU manufacturers will likely be able to reduce expenses on warranty cases, as problems are far easier to solve remotely. This makes happy and loyal contractors and building developers and retain good customer relations.


Altogether, service efficiency and system performance increases, costs are reduced, and we all leave a smaller CO2 footprint in the process.

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