OJ DV product range – built to meet your ventilation needs

OJ DV product range - built to meet your ventilation needs

Our range of OJ DV drives comprises 13 output variants (from 0.5 to 15 kW) fitted inside five different housings to match any rooftop fan, plug fan, or AHU application.

Wide ambient temperature range

The robust OJ DV are capable of continuous operation from -40° to +50°. At higher temperatures, the drive will continue operation with lower performance.

In fire mode, the OJ DV overrides the drive’s self-protecting features and can run for one hour in temperatures up to +70° degrees. This means that the OJ DV can be used for smoke extraction; you will not need to install a separate system for that.

Energy efficiency

OJ Drives operate at up to 97% efficiency. Mount them inside the airflow to achieve full efficiency.

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OJ DV that fits any ventilation

Ventilation applications vary greatly in terms of what kind of motor control they actually need.

The OJ DV drives are designed to make complex operations become effortlessly simple: they provide exactly the features and functionalities that clients truly need from a ventilation drive.

Always aiming to maximise efficiency, the drives are available in 13 output variants and four housing sizes to fit any installation.


Easy installation

No component or detail has been overlooked in creating OJ DV product programme. The drives are quick to install, simple to customise, easy to mount and work in any condition.


Installation flexibility:

  • 13 power variants to maximise the performance
  • 5 different housing sizes to ensure optimum use of application workspace
  • Flexible mounting in both vertical and horizontal direction allowing the user to integrate the OJ DV drive into the application
  • Mounting inside or outside of the airflow
  • Removable front cover giving clear access to all connectors and connection points
  • Centrally positioned glands for easily installation of supply, motor and communication cables

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