“We strive to remain abreast of technological developments at all times – OJ Electronics’ approach to SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth

As part of the company’s initiative to make sustainability an increasingly central focus, OJ Electronics’ quality department conducted a meticulous review of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) -including an intense review of all the 169 targets - OJ Electronics found good reason to be enthused.

The company has already built a long list of positive developments focusing on sustainability. Three of the SDGs in particular is a direct match with OJ Electronics’ way of conducting business. Both for our customers, the planet we live on and for OJ Electronics – SDGs 7, 8 and 12.

The focus of SDG 8 is in particular taking actions locally. Thus, how OJ Electronics is taking action at home in Sønderborg. And when reviewing the ten targets for this goal, QSHE Manager, Margit Søndergaard, was confirmed that OJ Electronics is already delivering well on half of them.

“We’re already addressing five of the targets. We’re actually doing really well, but in the future we can keep developing to increase our contribution,” says Søndergaard. She highlights the following three targets:

8.2 Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation

OJ Electronics is investing in clean technology projects, where the primary focus is on investigating the new technological possibilities that emerge. “We strive to remain abreast of technological developments at all times. For example, we collaborate with external experts from the University of Southern Denmark, among others. We prioritise setting aside resources so we can geek out on finding new possibilities in technology that can benefit our products in the future, and therefore also benefit our customers. We’re already doing this. And we will do even more.”

8.6 Promote youth employment, education and training

It is important for OJ Electronics to include young people under 24 in the company. For example, both in apprenticeships and study-work/trainee positions. “This hasn’t been formalized yet, but if we look around the company, it’s clear that this is a conscious thing we do. It’s a role we’re already taking on. We want to be part of helping young people with training. That’s a way we can demonstrate responsibility and decency on the labour market. It’s an initiative we can set targets for in future and start to measure.”

8.7 End modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour

At OJ Electronics, most of the manufacturing is done by sub-contractors. Around 70%. That’s why the company has developed a code of conduct for suppliers (Please find our Code of Conduct here.) which contains, for example, refusal to use child labour, the requirement for employees to be free people with the right to join unions, etc. “These are some very specific formulations and requirements we’ve had for quite a while. It’s part of ensuring decent work – also beyond our home here in Sønderborg – that we set requirements for working with us. This is something we keep a close eye on, audit and ask questions set requirements for, when visiting our suppliers around the world.”

SDG 8 also contains many elements that fit well with the developments already underway at OJ Electronics. Nevertheless, it was SDG 7 that made the QSHE manager open her eyes wide with excitement. She was positively surprised when she dived into SDG 7, focusing on access to reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for everyone.

“It was quite a moment of realisation that our mission fits perfectly into one of the goals. We want to improve the climate, and our products provide ventilation and temperature control, which is exactly what improves the indoor climate of homes or workplaces in the most energy-efficient way possible. Our products and our foundation fit spot-on into target 7.3, to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency. And we hadn’t even put that together before we did our thorough review of the SDGs. After all, the goals aren’t issues that haven’t been addressed before. But it’s great that the UN has provided us with a framework for what we always intended to do,” Søndergaard explains. “So, I was thrilled the day I read this.”

To read more on OJ Electronics’ work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in particular Goal 12, on responsible consumption and production follow the links below:

Goal 7 - Affordable and clean energy  Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth  

OJ Electronics aims to focus on SDG 7, SDG 8 and SDG 12 in particular. 

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