FC-HTERM FC Handheld Terminal

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The FC handheld terminal is used to set OJ-FC frequency converters. With the handheld terminal, the frequency converter parameters can be adjusted to the fan concerned. Changed settings can be stored in two different user setups, and it is possible to recall the original factory settings, which cannot be changed. The frequency converter can be remotely controlled while operating values such as frequency, current and output can be read on the handheld terminal display.

The handheld terminal communicates directly with the OJ frequency converter by means of Modbus commands. Factory and user setups are stored in the frequency converter, and the settings will be remembered even if the power supply or hand terminal is disconnected. By turning the handheld terminal button, it is possible to scroll upwards or downwards through the menus.

  • Two different user setups
  • Modbus

Product Documents

Instructions, OJ-FC-HTERM (DA, EN)
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