How Thermostats with Frames Compatibility Benefits Interior Designers and Architects

A key feature of the OJ Microline® thermostats is their versatility. They are designed to fit the most common frames in different forms and colors.

Interior design and decoration styles change over time. It depends on personal preferences and what is available and trending at that particular period. Having a thermostat that blends in is essential to creating a harmonious environment. It is even better if this thermostat is compatible with multiple frames to be part of your customers‘ décor through the years.

In any space, thermostats are essential to the climate control system and should not interfere with the décor. It can be a bit stressful for those in charge of keeping up with customer requirements. Therefore, it’s helpful to have a flexible approach when designing a home or office.

Design Versatility

The OJ Microline® thermostats integrate well with various frames in different forms and colors and fit the most used in the market. They are perfect for projects where interior designers and architects must keep individual looks or corporate brand identities (hotels, restaurants, companies, etc.).

OJ Microline® thermostats can easily change their appearance by simply shifting the frame and/or front cover. Sellers don’t need to keep different thermostats in stock to meet each customer’s demand. Instead, they can offer one versatile thermostat. That way, architects (or homeowners) will keep the thermostat but with an entirely redesigned look that matches the new desired style.

So, whether you’re looking for a thermostat that can easily change its appearance and blend in with your architecture or one that fits your specific needs, the OJ Microline® thermostats are the perfect option. Plus, they’re easy to install and use, so they’ll be up and running in no time!

Fit the leading European frame manufacturers

The OJ Microline® products MxD5, MCD4, and MCD3 are all developed to fit the leading European frame manufacturers such as:

  • Gira
  • Schneider Electric
  • ELKO
  • JUNG
  • Norwesco
  • Berker
  • Merten

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