Programmable Schedule, New Display and More: Our New All-in-One DIN Rail Thermostat is Here

At OJ Electronics, we have been working on a new all-in-one DIN-rail thermostat for a while now, and the result is packed with plenty of new features: An easy-to-operate programmable schedule for optimum heating control, a built-in clock, a new graphical user interface, more languages than ever, a dedicated pipe protection mode and last but not least full Ecodesign. Product manager Per Skovsund takes you through the new features here.

Programmable Schedule for Greater Energy Efficiency and Comfort

The new thermostat comes with a built-in 6-event program for automatic comfort and setback temperature. Importantly, if the thermostat is set to a specific temperature – let’s say 23 degrees Celsius at six o’clock p.m. – it doesn’t just initiate heating at six o’clock. Rather, it makes sure that the temperature has in fact reached the desired temperature by six. And of course, scheduling has the usual benefit of combining comfort with energy-efficient operation.


“The scheduling function is made possible by the built-in clock. An important feature is the built-in battery backup of the clock, which means that users never have to bother with setting the clock – or schedule – after any interruptions in power.”

Per Skovsund from OJ Electronics
Per Skovsund, Product Manager, OJ Electronics

ECD4 DIN Rail Thermostat from OJ ElectronicsGraphical Display for Easy User Interaction

The most immediately notable feature of the new thermostat is the display. “We’ve incorporated our graphical user interface, so a lot of people will already be familiar with it,” explains Per Skovsund. It’s designed to be very easy and intuitive to use: the graphical, and button-based navigation make it easy to carry out quick installation and configuration. With this user interface, programming is essentially child’s play, which ensures the fastest and easiest set-up possible. Customers will also appreciate the multi-language user interface now supporting no less than 10 different languages, making its benefits available to a very wide part of the world.

Dedicated Pipe Protection Mode

Gutter protection with ECD4 DIN-rail thermostat from OJ Electronics

Pipe protection is another strong feature of this thermostat. We have collaborated closely on this specific aspect with customers. Together, we created a dedicated solution where the thermostat responds very precisely to external factors to maximize pipe protection while keeping energy consumption efficient. It is very easy to set the thermostat to pipe protection in the menu: it will then regulate the heating element within a specific temperature range defined by a maximum and minimum temperature. The thermostat has a temperature-dependent output controller which ensures that the heat is reduced in warm weather—there is no sense in wasting energy!



Ecodesign Directive Compliant

The new thermostat complies fully with the EU regulations set out in the European Ecodesign Directive (EF2009/125/EF) for local space heaters. Now that the clock is integrated into the thermostat, the thermostat is Ecodesign compliant in itself. This makes it easier to create overall systems in accordance with the directive.

ECD4 All-in-One DIN Rail Thermostat from OJ ElectronicsKey Features of the ECD4 All-in-one DIN rail thermostat

  • All-in-one thermostat for DIN rail mounting with programmable scheduling
  • Built-in clock with battery backup
  • Graphical user interface for easy installation and programming
  • Extended control range: -20 to 80 degrees Celsius
  • Input for night setback and frost protection
  • Suitable for cooling—with invertible relay function and differential temperature
  • Multi-languages user interface
  • Built-in 2 pole 16 Amp interrupter for optimum safety
  • Pipe protection mode
  • Ecodesign compliant
  • Programmable hotspot protection


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