• Thermostat security from OJ Electronics A/S

    What We Do About
    Data Security
    (And Why You Should Care)

    When you think thermostats, do you think data security? Probably not, but perhaps you should. Today’s intelligent thermostats are part of much wider systems involving data transport between various endpoints, and this entails risk of hacking and malicious interference that reaches far beyond the individual device: If the hackers are in your thermostat, they are …

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  • Puzzles, brilliant light, OJ Electronics A/S

    The Perfect Basis for Creative Innovation: Introducing Our NXT GEN Thermostat Platform

    OJ Electronics has built a new, highly efficient R&D set-up that will serve as our future basis for all our thermostat tech. We call it the NXT GEN Thermostat Platform. It lets us respond very quickly to changing market demands, enabling fast, creative innovation while maintaining the tried-and-tested reliability you expect from us. The first …

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  • USG5 Power Module from OJ Electronics A/S

    New USG5® Power Module

    The USG5 power module is the second product to arise out of the OJ Electronics NXT GEN thermostat platform, perfectly supplementing our latest generation of thermostats: it is sleek, stylish and reliable.“The new USG5 power module does exactly what you would expect: it is created for use in larger applications, increasing output by 15 A …

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  • ECD4 DIN rail thermostat from OJ Electronics A/S

    Programmable Schedule, New Display and More: Our New All-in-One DIN Rail Thermostat is Here

    At OJ Electronics, we have been working on a new all-in-one DIN-rail thermostat for a while now, and the result is packed with plenty of new features: An easy-to-operate programmable schedule for optimum heating control, a built-in clock, a new graphical user interface, more languages than ever, a dedicated pipe protection mode and last but …

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  • Installer, Easy setup of the OJ Microline UWG5 thermostat from OJ Electronics via Bluetooth

    Introducing the UWG5® WiFi LED Touch Thermostat: Reliable, Stylish and Easy-to-Install

    We're excited to announce the launch of the UWG5 WiFi LED touch thermostat, one of the most innovative and trustworthy electric underfloor heating products on the market today.The new UWG5® WiFi LED touch thermostat from OJ Electronics® is a smart choice for any of your customers – home or business. It is the perfect solution …

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  • Bathroom, MCD3 thermostat from OJ Electronics A/S

    Here Are 5 Reasons to Offer Your Customer Upgrading to the MCD3 Thermostat

    As a reseller of heating solutions, you know how important it is to offer your customers high-quality and affordable products. The MCD3 thermostat is a great option to consider when looking to upgrade your product line. Designed and manufactured in Europe by OJ Electronics®, the MCD3 is a high-quality, full-featured ECO Design Directive-compliant thermostat that …

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  • MWD5 Voice Thermostat, Voice Badge, OJ Electronics A/S

    MWD5-Voice thermostat: new variant with voice control

    Having a smart home is no longer a dream; it's a reality. With the brand-new MWD5-Voice thermostat, users can control their floor heating with their voices. MWD5-Voice thermostats work with voice assistants Users can control the MWD5-Voice thermostat using just their voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices. The MWD5-Voice makes it easy for …

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  • Bathroom, UWG4 UDG4 Userinterface, OJ Electronics A/S

    User-interface update of UWG4/UDG4 to ease setup

    Responding to invaluable customer feedback, a few improvements to the user interface of the thermostats UWG4 and UDG4 have been made. These improvements aim to make it easier and faster to set up a floor heating control system on location – and easier for the end user to operate.Intuitive keyboard increases usability Following the launch …

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  • MCD3 thermostat from OJ Electronics A/S

    New MCD3 thermostat for future-proof floor heating

    The European Ecodesign Directive sets high requirements for underfloor heating systems. Fortunately, the new digital MCD3 thermostat from OJ Electronics makes it possible to meet these requirements in full and takes electric floor heating well into the future.Automation in floor heating is the future The ratified EU directive is all about energy efficiency and resource …

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  • GFCI module, immunity to power line noise, OJ Electronics A/S

    Responding to growing power line noise

    In recent years, power line noise has been on the rise – and the trend looks set to continue. In response, OJ Electronics decided to impose their own strict requirements to close the standardisation gap in the 2 kHz to 1 50kHz range. The result? OJ Electronics’ thermostats for the US and Canadian market now …

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