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Support Discontinued Products

Products which are at the end of their product life cycle, thereby not optional for new projects.

Discontinued Products

Step-by-step Thermostat guides

UWG5 support

FAQ Read more

MCD3: Temporary – and manual override

Read more

MCD3: Choosing and programming a heating schedule

Read more

UWG4/AWG4: The time doesn’t match the real time

Read more

UDG4: Changing the floor load

Read more

UWG4/AWG4/UDG4: The thermostat doesn’t heat when it is supposed to

Read more

UWG4 / AWG4 / UDG4: Ground fault (GFCI/EGFPD)

Read more

UWG4 / AWG4: Missing/Changing the Distributor ID

Read more

UWG4 / AWG4: The thermostat can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network

Read more

UWG4 / AWG4: The thermostat can’t connect to the server

Read more

UWG4 / AWG4: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues

Read more

UWG4 / AWG4: The thermostat can’t find the Wi-Fi network

Read more

UWG4 / AWG4: Connecting to Wi-Fi

Read more


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