UWG4/AWG4: The time doesn’t match the real time

Note: The time can either be set manually or synchronized with the server, using the ZIP-code. If the time doesn't match the real time, follow the steps below.

  • 1. Press , top right corner
    • 1.1. Press "User settings"
    • 1.2. Press "Time"
  • 2. Set the time either manually or activate "synchronize with server"
    • 2.1. Restart the thermostat, to synchronize the time with the server.
    • Note: To restart the thermostat, hold the button on the right side for 2 seconds. To turn on press the same button once.
  • 3. If the time still doesn't match, follow the steps below to change the ZIP-code.
    • 3.1. Press , top right corner
    • 3.2. Press "WiFi / Weather", and follow the instructions
    • 3.3. When the "Weather location" screen appear, enter the ZIP-code for your area
    • Note: The time is synchronized by the server, using the ZIP-code.
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