New USG5® Power Module

The USG5 power module is the second product to arise out of the OJ Electronics NXT GEN thermostat platform, perfectly supplementing our latest generation of thermostats: it is sleek, stylish and reliable.

“The new USG5 power module does exactly what you would expect: it is created for use in larger applications, increasing output by 15 A per module. But of course it brings something new to the table, too“

Henrik Jensen from OJ Electronics
Henrik Jensen, Product Manager, OJ Electronics

Sleek Design

The USG5 power module was developed to supplement the new UWG5 thermostat, as will be immediately apparent from the exterior: they look exactly alike. The smooth, unbroken surface is the same, so the end users’ interiors would not be cluttered up by different-looking devices. The simple, pared-back look has proven very popular, so we are pleased to offer the power module in this exact same design.

Based on a New R&D Approach

The design process behind the new power module has been greatly facilitated by what Henrik Jensen calls a new NXT GEN thermostat platform at OJ Electronics. “We call it the NXT GEN thermostat platform because it makes it easy to create new, truly excellent products at an accelerated rate. A lot of it has to do with changes in our infrastructure that I would not bore you with, but essentially it means that we have these tried-and-tested, high-quality components that can be combined in a very flexible manner to meet new needs in very little time. Without any teething problems, mind you, so you would not sacrifice reliability as you minimize your time to market! When I say ‘components’, I am not just talking about the physical parts – they also include connectivity/cloud, app, administration support capabilities and so on.”

Class A GFCI

One of the key components of the new USG5 power module is its built-in Class A ground fault circuit interrupter. It is no secret in the business that here at OJ Electronics, we have a great GFCI – even if we say so ourselves! It is very reliable: if a genuine ground fault should occur, it will instantly disconnect both lines to the heating element – and at the same time it’s very good at avoiding nuisance tripping. Also, we use a multi-voltage model that is suitable for 120-240 V and 50/60 Hz power supplies.


The USG5 is fully compatible with current and older thermostat models.The USG5 is fully compatible with current and older thermostat models. “This was important to us,” says Henrik Jensen. “It means that you can safely use the USG5 without worrying about compatibility issues with your existing thermostats.”

Specifically, the USG5 supports these thermostats:
UWG5, UWG4, UDG4, UTN4 and UDG.


The USG5® Power Module in Brief

USG5 Power Module from OJ Electronics


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