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The USG5 Power Module is an electric underfloor heating power module with a sleek design. Designed to match and work seamlessly with the OJ Microline® thermostats.

Product regions: USA & Canada

  • GFCI

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OJ Microline® USG5 Power Module with LED


Power Module with LED
The USG5 introduces new features and improvements to enhance user experience and functionality. The power module is used in large rooms to extend the thermostat and increase output by 15 A per module.

LED light indicator
The USG5 features a two-color LED light indicator, providing a clear visual representation of the unit’s status for easy monitoring and troubleshooting. The LED light communicates different messages based on its color.

Two connectors with screw terminals
The USG5 is equipped with two connectors, one for the thermostat and another for an extra power module. These connectors feature screw terminals for safe and easy installation.

Class A GFCI
The USG5 features a built-in Class A GFCI. Should a ground fault occur, the GFCI disconnects both lines to the heating element. The thermostat and GFCI are multi-voltage models suitable for 120-240 V (incl 208 V), 50/60 Hz power supplies.

Backward compatibility
The USG5 maintains compatibility with previous thermostats. This means you can use the USG5 without worrying about compatibility issues with your existing thermostats.

  • Sleek design
  • Screw terminals for safe and easy installation
  • LED light indicator
  • Built-in Class A GFCI

Product Documents

Quick Guides
Produtct Sheet, USG5, English
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Quick Guide, USG5-4000 GB, ES, FR.pdf
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Product FAQ

How to connect USG5 power module to UWG5 thermostat

OJ Microline® USG5 Power Module with LED

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