UWG4 / AWG4: Connecting to Wi-Fi

Requirements: Wi-Fi network.

  • 1. Press , top right corner
    • 1.1. Press "Wi-Fi / Weather"
  • 2. From the list, choose the name of your Wi-Fi network
    • Note: If you can’t see your Wi-Fi network on the list – click here
  • 2.1. Enter the network key, and press
  • 2.2. When the connection is established, press
    • If the thermostat can't connect to your Wi-Fi, click here.
  • 3. Give your thermostat a name and type it in. For example "Bathroom". Confirm with
  • 4. An email is required to create and account. Press to continue.
  • 5. Type in your email adress and confirm with .
  • 6. The thermostat will now establish connection to the server.
    • Note: If the thermostat can’t connect to the server, click here.
  • 7. The thermostat are now connected to the server. Press .
  • 8. Enter the postal/zip code where the thermostat is placed. Confirm with .
  • 9. Your weather location has now been set. Press .
  • 10. Done! You are now connected to the Wi-Fi.
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