Here Are 5 Reasons to Offer Your Customer Upgrading to the MCD3 Thermostat

As a reseller of heating solutions, you know how important it is to offer your customers high-quality and affordable products. The MCD3 thermostat is a great option to consider when looking to upgrade your product line. Designed and manufactured in Europe by OJ Electronics®, the MCD3 is a high-quality, full-featured ECO Design Directive-compliant thermostat that provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solution for your customers.

Unlike outdated thermostats, the MCD3 is easy to control and includes features like scheduling, adaptive function, and child lock. The MCD3 offers much more comfort in a reliable solution.

Five reasons why you should consider offering your customers an upgrade to the MCD3 thermostat:

1. Scheduling, Open Window Detection, and Energy Efficiency

The MCD3 is a natural replacement for older thermostats, including those of other brands, that do not support scheduling. The MCD3’s advanced scheduling features allow for easy control of heating schedules, reducing energy consumption and cost and helping to reduce CO2 emissions. The MCD3 is also designed with an open window function, which detects when a window is open and automatically reduces the temperature to save energy.

MCD3 thermostat from OJ Electronics


2. Adaptive Function for Optimal Temperature Control

The MCD3’s adaptive function allows for optimal temperature control without worrying about any latency caused by the structure of the customer’s floor. This feature ensures that your customers can enjoy the requested temperature at the right time without having to adjust the thermostat constantly.


3. Child Lock Function and Blind Cover for Privacy

The MCD3 comes equipped with a child lock function and a blind cover to protect against an unauthorized operation and prevent tampering with the thermostat’s settings. This feature is especially useful for families with young children or commercial customers, such as offices or hotels, in high-traffic areas where the thermostat can be easily accessed.

MCD3 thermostat from OJ Electronics


4. Eco Design Directive-Compliant

The MCD3 is compliant with the Eco Design Directive, which means that it meets the strictest energy efficiency standards in the industry. By offering the MCD3 to your customers, you can help them reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs.


5. Remote Control Capability

Finally, the MCD3 is also prepared for remote control, allowing your customers to control the thermostat from anywhere. With a wired connection to an external “Smart Home”-solution, the MCD3 enables remote access through simple text messaging for ad hoc changes to energy-saving mode. This feature is not found on many products at this price point and could be a valuable selling point in certain cases.


By offering the MCD3 thermostat to your customers, you can provide them with a reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient heating solution that is easy to control and comes with advanced features that help reduce energy consumption and cost.

Contact us today and grab the opportunity to upgrade your product line with the MCD3.


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