MSD4 Thermostat

Comfort System 4™ includes the thermostat MSD4.

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MSD4 from OJ Electronics A/S

MSD4-1999OJ Microline® CS4™ Thermostat - energy efficient comfort

Comfort System 4™ includes the thermostat OSD4. It ensures maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption for all floor heating applications. Easy to both operate and program. Designed for use with Comfort System 4™ Central Controller.

  • Green Comfort – Save up to 36% CO2.
  • Energy efficient all-in-one thermostat, ideal for all floor types
  • Slimmest radio controlled thermostat on the market, only 20 mm depth
  • With snap mounting of front cover, this makes installation easier than ever
  • The programming is child’s play, ensuring the fastest and easiest set-up
  • Compatible with other makes of floor sensor, ideal for renovation
  • Supplied with new thin floor sensor, making sensor installation more comfortable than ever
  • Easy menu navigation and programming
  • Maximum safety thanks to built-in 2-pole 16 A interrupter

Product Documents

Product Sheets
Product Sheet, MSD4, English
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Instructions, MSD4 (EN, ES)
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