Get cloud access on your existing Air2 unit with simple update

Major upgrade with simple update
OJ Electronics now offer all owners and operators of OJ Air2 controllers the opportunity to give their existing Air2 controllers a major, hassle-free upgrade. All it takes is a simple update, and then your OJ Air2 units are cloud-enabled!

Get cloud on OJ Air2 units from mid-2014 onwards

Says product manager Klaus Herborg from OJ Electronics: ‘Cloud capabilities is an increasingly central aspect of building automation today, so we wanted to make sure that as many OJ Air2 users as possible would be able to benefit – even if they didn’t need cloud access straight away. That’s why all OJ Air2 controllers delivered from mid-2014 onwards have the built-in ability to connect to the cloud – they just need to be unlocked, and then you essentially have an all-new unit! We really believe in being prepared for the future,’ he smiles.

Specifically, cloud access can be enabled on all OJ Air2 products (8Mbyte versions) delivered from week 24 2014 and marked ‘SOFTWARE 3.xx READY’.

Benefits with cloud

Enabling OJ Air Cloud® on our controller has many benefits – including access to data logging, customised dashboards, easy diagnostics by means of visual graphs, device view, alarms via email and a user actions log. Says Klaus Herborg: ‘For example, this helps you minimise AHU system downtime by enabling quicker, easier troubleshooting and remote support than ever. Everyone involved can access the same data, giving you instant access to the information required to resolve any issues – and to arrive fully prepared with all the right spare parts.’

Want to update? Send an email!

The update process is quite simple – and it all begins with an email. ‘We do this via the usual channels,’ explains Klaus Herborg, ‘so we ask all customers interested in the update to get in touch with their suppliers. Basically, the ones who sold you your OJ Air2 unit will help you get it updated! You begin by getting a readout of the MAC addresses on all the devices you want to update and then send them to your contact person with the company you got your OJ Air2 units from. You will then receive a key file that will unlock your unit’s cloud capability. We’ve posted full details on what to do on our website, and it’s quite simple.

Good to know:

  • Cloud functionalities can be enabled on all OJ Air2 products delivered from week 24 2014 (8Mbyte versions) labelled ‘SOFTWARE 3.xx READY’.
  • Products delivered from OJ with SW 5.02 or higher already have Cloud access. Look out for the label ‘CLOUD can be activated from HMI’.
  • Full information on how to update your existing Air2 units is available (see FAQ) here.
  • You can find more information on the benefits of cloud-enabled controllers here.