AHC-3000-T Compact AHU Controller with Modbus

The standard configuration is simple control of two fans and heat recovery with a 0-10V signal.

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AHC-3000-TBasicBMS – 25 room network

AHC-3000-T is a simple and scalable control for decentralised and compact ventilation systems and is used together with intuitive colour touch screens.

AHC-3000-T is pre-programmed with everything that is needed for control of the fans and regulation of temperature. The product is complete and ready for use with built-in energy efficiency and monitoring
during operation.

The operation of AHC-3000-T can be monitored and optimised with OJ Air Cloud®, BasicBMS or BMS modbus interface. Everything is built-in as standard and ready to use.

Simple and scalable

The standard configuration is simple control of two fans and heat recovery with a 0-10V signal. Pre-programmed options and automatic configuration with QuickPlug™ modbus components make it easy to fulfil a clients needs for more advanced fan regulation, filter monitoring or temperature regulation with a 0-10V controlled heating and/or cooling surface.

Free OJ Air Cloud®

When AHC-3000 is connected to the internet the user has free access to central monitoring and optimisation of the operation from a personal OJ Air Cloud® account. Access can be shared with others, e.g. a service partner for quick and effective service.

BasicBMS and remote units

In buildings with decentralised ventilation there are many ventilation systems to service and maybe several in the same room. With BasicBMS 25 rooms can easily be monitored from a common 3.5” panel, and the satellite function automatically coordinates the operation of 14 remote units in every single room.

  • Simple and scalable
  • Free OJ Air Cloud®
  • Touch Screens
  • BasicBMS and remote units
  • Modbus TCP/IP and RTU
  • QuickPlugTM modbus

Product Documents

Product Sheets
Product Sheet, AHC-3000-HMI-35T, English
File type/size:PDF ( 472,80 kB )
Product Sheet, AHC-3000-HMI-35T, German
File type/size:PDF ( 473,47 kB )
Product Sheet, AHC-3000-T, English
File type/size:PDF ( 585,75 kB )
Product Sheet, AHC-3000-T, German
File type/size:PDF ( 581,69 kB )
Brochure, AHC-3000, English
File type/size:PDF ( 2,77 MB )
Product Catalogue, HVAC Controls and Drives, 2024, English
File type/size:PDF ( 4,23 MB )
Instructions, AHC-3000 (EN, DE, FR, SE, NO, DK, RU)
File type/size:PDF ( 1,19 MB )
Instructions, AHC-3000 PC-Tool, English
File type/size:PDF ( 2,52 MB )
Environmental Declarations
Declaration on Environment and Materials, AHC-3000-T, 2023-11
File type/size:PDF ( 220,55 kB )
Commissioning Guide, AHC-3000, English
File type/size:PDF ( 3,57 MB )
Commissioning Guide, AHC-3000, German
File type/size:PDF ( 2,49 MB )

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