ETV Simple DIN Rail Thermostat with Setback Mode

Recommended for control of under-floor heating and electrical heating.

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ETVVersions with floor sensor or remote room sensor

OJ DIN Rail Thermostats – with setback mode for control of electrical heating. The ETV is suitable when remote control of the system is required. It is a compact thermostat saving space on the panel. ETV has setback temperature function, which is activated via external timer. Setback temperature is fixed 5ºC.

  • Suitable when remote control of the system is required
  • Setback temperature function, activated via external timer
  • Compact and space-saving

Product Documents

Product Sheets
Product Sheet, ETV, English
File type/size:PDF ( 460,82 kB )
Product Sheet, ETV, Finnish
File type/size:PDF ( 202,21 kB )
Product Sheet, ETV, German
File type/size:PDF ( 212,60 kB )
Product Sheet, ETV, Russian
File type/size:PDF ( 263,74 kB )
Product Catalogue 2024 Europe-Asia-South-America, English
File type/size:PDF ( 2,54 MB )
Product Catalogue 2024, Australasia / Africa, English
File type/size:PDF ( 2,41 MB )
Instructions, ETV (DA, NO, SV, FI, EN, DE, PL, RU, FR, ZH)
File type/size:PDF ( 252,44 kB )
Instructions, ETV (EN, DE)
File type/size:PDF ( 81,91 kB )

Produkt FAQ

Installation – Length of sensor cable


What is the maximum length of the sensor cable?


In general, it is recommended that the maximum sensor cable length should be 164 feet/50 meters, the length might be shorter. Read the instructions for the precise maximum length.

How can I cure the E2 error message?


„E2“ means defective, damaged or disconnected floor sensor. Sensor resistance should be 10 or 12 kOhm at 25°C (77°F). The onstruction or quick guide holds informatiom for the specific thermostats.

Where to connect the ground wire of floor mats?


The ground wire in the floor mat must be connected directly to the ground wire of the supply.

What is the recommended night setback?


The recommended night setback is max 5°C/41°F

Does the adaptive function reset when making a factory reset?


Yes the adaptive function is reset during a factory reset.

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