ETF-144/99T Thin Floor Sensor with Stiff Wire

ETF-144/99TThin Floor Sensor with Stiff Wire

The thin floor sensor with stiff wire is suitable for floorheating thermostats, and fits the following OJ Microline® products: Touch Clock Thermostats, Wireless Control System, Premium Clock Thermostats, DIN-Rail Thermostats as well as GFCI Thermostats for USA & Canada.

NTC sensor type: ETF-22/33/55/99

  • Sensor for temperature range -30 - +125°C.
  • Wide application range, commonly used for normal ambient temperatures.
  • Precision +/- 5% Ohms at 25°C, equal to +/- 1,2°C. RTemp at 25°C = 12 KOhm.
  • Sensor cables can be extende up to 200 meters without influence on the reading.

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Product Documents

Product Catalogue 2024 Europe-Asia-South-America, English
File type/size:PDF ( 2,54 MB )
Application Note, ETF-144-99T, English
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