MCD3: Choosing and programming a heating schedule

Requirements: An installed MCD3 thermostat.

  • Choosing a heating schedule:
  • 1. Enter the menu by holding for 3 seconds.
    • 1.1. Press to scroll past "cLc" and "dAy" settings until you see "SchE".
    • Note: You have to setup clock ("cLc") and weekday settings ("dAy") before choosing and programming your heating schedule.
    • 1.2. Press , and select your preferred heating schedule. See definitions below.
    • Heating schedules:

      "oFF" - Events are disabled and the setpoint temperature is maintained 24/7

      "5-2" - Monday to Friday with 4 events, Saturday and Sunday with 2 events

      "6-1" - Monday to Saturday with 4 events, Sunday with 2 events

      "1E4" - Monday to Sunday with 4 events

      "7E4" - Monday to Sunday are individual, with 4 events

      "1E2" - Monday to Sunday with 2 events

    • 1.3. When a heating schedule has been chosen confirm with and return to the home screen.
  • Programming the heating schedule:
  • 2. Press and hold and for 3 seconds to enter schedule and event settings.
    • Note: You will now be able to adjust the temperature setpoint and event time, for the heating schedule chosen on step 1.2.
    • 2.1. Starting by Monday, use either or to adjust event time and temperature setpoint. Confirm with .
    • Note: The step above is repeated for the amount of events chosen per day and for each day of the week.

      For example: If heating schedule "5-2" has been chosen. Use step 2.1 to adjust time and setpoint temperature for each event, each day (4 Events per day from Monday to Friday, and 2 events per day for Saturday and Sunday).

    • 2.2. When the heating schedule has been programmed "done" will appear on the screen. Confirm with Confirm with .
    • 2.3. Your heating schedule is now programmed, and the thermostat runs in scheduled operation, indicated by "clock" symbol.
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