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Working at OJ ElectronicsWhat Are the Benefits?

This career site is the place to find job opportunities and different information about our company and the part of Denmark that we are situated in.

You can find information about what we expect if you apply for an open position and information about what you can expect when you join our recruitment process.


Your benefitsWorking at OJ Electronics

We see and recognise you
OJ Electronics – or OJ as we usually call it – is a flat and dynamic organisation. Here it is no cliché to say that you can make a difference. You can do it. And you do – every day. Regardless of your place in the organisation, your effort counts and can be seen in the final product. If you write code, you will see your code in use. If you are part of the production, you create quality in every product and thereby help ensure maximal customer satisfaction. If you work in the canteen, you are responsible for one of the day’s highlights, delivering happiness (and health) to all employees. Every employee is essential. You will be involved. And your effort will be recognised.

Working at OJ Electronics Four Good Reasons

A Short Path From Concept to Finished Product

Ambition drives us at OJ. We are market leaders in the areas we prioritise. We are not seeking to expand in every direction. We cultivate our niches and aim to be the company that does things best in the areas we have selected.

That is why we have created a strong project organisation that stretches from concept to leading position in the market. This happens in stages, where concept, market demand, technology, and commercial reach are validated. It’s as part of this process that you will make a difference.

Informal Community

The tone in the workplace is informal. The gap between the CEO and the dishwasher in the canteen is no wider than a smile, which, as we know, is the shortest distance between people. Everyone knows everyone at OJ.

New hires are welcomed in an onboarding program. It’s straightforward and scheduled from the day you walk in the door. You meet with all departments and figure out how things work in practice. You also have a personal meeting with Erik, our CEO. You are also assigned a mentor who can help get you acquainted with the more informal structure of the company. And all this happens regardless of which job you have.

Room for Your Ambitions

We are ambitious in what we do. And if you are, too, then you will be given every opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. When you show your dedication and transmit your enthusiasm to others, OJ is ready to support your professional development with courses and training.

The projects you work on will involve a broad contact interface both internally and externally. We have a unique diamond model for our customer collaborations. And it means that you will often be in direct contact with your exact counterpart from the customer’s company. You will therefore acquire skills that often go far beyond your job title. This will serve to inspire and develop you. That’s also what keeps many of our employees with us for the long term.

Development With a View to the Long Term

We are business-oriented, but not profit-maximising at any cost. We are a family-owned company that loves to optimise products and product areas. Technology is constantly developing. Not many things today are like they were just two years ago. This requires constant development of your skills and competencies. OJ ensures that you are able to meet these demands. If you invest your energy in us, we invest in you.

We take a view to the long term when creating the strategies we live by. This creates a sense of security and satisfaction in our work. And time to do what you consider important, and do it right.

Your benefitsAt OJ, Everyone’s a VIP

As our employee, you are very important to us. We want you to thrive at OJ – not tire out. Knowing that both body and mind need nourishment to function well, we’re looking after your health and wellbeing as well as we can with valuable career benefits for everyone. Like these: 

  • You may not need it now, but we all might one day. Our health insurance will give you peace of mind in knowing that you will get the medical attention you need, when you need it – and in a matter of days, not weeks. You will also have access to preventive physical treatments, online guidance, and counselling of all sorts: psychologist, dietician, family counselling and a general practitioner 7 days a week. This is available not only when you are ill, but also if you just feel a bit off and need some good advice.

  • Good food matters, and we want your meal breaks to be highlights in your day. Every dish we serve in our canteen is based on healthy ingredients and variety – there’s something foreveryone. You can look forward to delicious morning snacks and lunches inspired by international kitchens.
  • Breaks are important. So why not take advantage of our effective 20-minute chair massage to avoid muscle tension and reset your focus?
  • Get to know your colleagues even better. Have a chat in the soft furniture of our cozy social area – or challenge each other in a serious game of table tennis. Our employee association is also very active in organizing enjoyable events for everyone, sometimes including the whole family and sometimes just you and your colleagues.
  • Exercise is good for – well, almost everything. Join one of our fun company sports activities, such as football, tennis, or fitness.
  • Treat yourself to a little extra. Take advantage of our generous company discounts at selected hotels and local suppliers.


Happy employees tend to stay longer, so this is a priority for us. If you have suggestions for how to make life at OJ even better, we’re all ears. Considering the number of jubilees we celebrate each year, we must be doing something right.

The Sønderborg Area

Sønderborg is the main town in the region with around 27,000 inhabitants. The town developed around Søndre Castle, which name was later changed to Sønderborg Castle. 

The town has a charming harbour front with cafés and restaurants and an intimate centre with loads of exciting shops. Sønderborg Castle and the impressive Alsion with its university, research park, concert hall and café are beautiful landmarks and underline the town’s historical significance. They also bear witness to Sønderborg’s rapid development and great ambitions.

Cultural life flourishes all year round in the Sønderborg area, and there are many opportunities to be cultural – whether you like concerts on one of our many stages, beautiful buildings and castles, shopping opportunities and crafts or maybe a guided tour.

From May to September there is a wealth of exciting music festivals and outdoor concerts. During winter time there is also a large selection of cultural activities, including Christmas concerts, New Year’s concerts and Electronic Music Festival.

Find more information about Sønderborg at work-live-stay.dksonderborg.dk and visitsonderborg.dk.