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We Are Specialists

At OJ Electronics, we are experts in electronic controls for Electric Floor Heating and HVAC Controls & Drives. From our beginning in 1964, we have grown to be a market leader in our areas of operation. We combine engineering know-how with a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses. This is what makes us the perfect partner for customers in Electric Floor Heating and the HVAC industry.

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About usHigh employee satisfaction in a flat organisation

Some organisations describe themselves as “lean and mean”. It’s closer to the truth to call our organisation “flat and glad”. Technically speaking, though, we do have a traditional company structure. But as an employee, you would be more likely to describe us as a project-oriented organisation. Despite our traditional company structure, employees enjoy a dynamic and laterally integrated working environment where project-oriented teams assume a central role.

High employee satisfaction in a flat organisation
Technically speaking, we have a traditional hierarchical structure. But it only has three layers: Management, middle management, and employees. We are divided into traditional departments such as Sales & Marketing, R&D, Production, etc.

In practice, though, as an employee you are more likely to experience OJ as a project-oriented organisation, where your closest colleagues might not be from your own department, but rather 2-4 people from sales, production, and logistics, for example. This approach helps maintain a focus on the unique strengths of each individual while also ensuring mutual recognition across departments.
We have established a focus area that we like to call Cross Functional Process Efficiency. And with this focus we continuously improve our cooperation across departments.

We work together to achieve our mission: “Improving the Climate. Always”. It’s a mission that delivers a message both internally and externally. And ranges from the work environment to our overall objectives. Our mission is to provide our customers optimal climate services while setting a high benchmark for employee satisfaction and growth.

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About usDNA

OJ Electronics was founded in 1964 by Oluf Johannsen as an entrepreneurial venture. In 1986 we made a breakthrough in HVAC Controls & Power. Today we maintain product leadership within the technologies we bring to the market. Our core business focuses on electronic controls in Electric Floor Heating, and Controls & Drives for use in HVAC installation and associated cloud solutions.