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OJ ElectronicsStudent/Trainee programme

Want real-life experience as part of your studies? Talk to us.
Are you a student of engineering, product design, software design or one of the many other areas relevant to OJ Electronics’ wide range of activities? Would you like to supplement your studies with real-life experience as a temporary student intern or trainee? Then contact us for an opportunity to get hands-on experience from real projects, working with leading experts within their field.

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Be a valued member of a project team

As an intern/trainee at OJ Electronics, you will have excellent opportunities to apply what you have learned to real-life projects. You will become an active and valued member of our R&D department, trusted with genuine tasks and challenges. Here, you will feel the benefit of OJ Electronics’ flat organisational structure and project-oriented approach – your contributions will be taken very seriously, and you will see real results.

Student/trainee programmeWho can apply?

OJ Electronics welcomes student interns and trainees from many fields. We often have students completing internships as part of their bachelor degree studies – this is an integral part of many Danish study programmes. We also welcome graduate students, often those working on their final projects. In fact, we often see our bachelor interns returning for their graduate studies.

OJ Electronics is open to students from many fields associated with product development, including the following:

  • Mechanics
  • Hardware
  • Embedded software
  • High-level software (cloud data)
  • Quality assurance
  • Product design
  • Product management

While many of our student interns and trainees have a background in engineering, we warmly invite applicants from other fields, such as creative design schools. We’re also open to students focusing on analytical rather than hands-on projects, for example customer experience, end-user satisfaction, customer insights, market analysis, and similar. If you think you will be a good fit for OJ Electronics, get in touch.

What will I be working on?

As an intern/trainee at OJ Electronics, you will have considerable say on what you work with. You can come to us with your own ideas and your own projects – if they’re a fit for our strategic focus, you’re in. You can also apply to be part of a project/assignment defined by us; ask us if we have anything in mind at present. Our organisation is very flexible, so even though you start within one particular sphere, you’re very likely to come into contact with many more.

Some examples of past projects

In recent years, student interns and trainees have been working on a wide range of projects at OJ Electronics, including the following:

  • Floor heating simulator kit
  • Business optimisation tools
  • Test automation

We’re also welcome students focusing on analytical rather than hands-on projects, for example customer experience, end-user satisfaction, customer insights, market analysis, and similar.

Who will I be working with?

At OJ Electronics, you’ll be close to everything and have access to everyone – including many experts in their field. You will become part of an interdisciplinary project team, where you will have every opportunity to put theory into practice. Your input to the product development process will be taken seriously, and at the same time our staff will support your professional development. All this will take place within a workplace with an international reach: OJ Electronics spans much of the globe in terms of production and distribution alike, and our in-house culture reflects this. 

Your benefits

Being a student intern/trainee at OJ Electronics is not just about you helping us – it’s about us helping you, too. You will be involved in many facets of the modern business world as appropriate to you and your interests – technology, customer experience, support and so on. You will be part of a company that genuinely values your presence and input. And you will have access to a unique 1:1 test lab where you will have the opportunity to carry out hands-on trials. Of course, we’ll be on hand to assist you and keep you safe as you measure what you’ve achieved.

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Get in touch

Interested in joining us as an intern or trainee? Then drop us a line and let’s take it from there.
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How long does an internship/trainee programme last?

We’re flexible! As a rule of thumb, they last a maximum of six months – and they should be longer than just one or two weeks in order for you to really reap the benefits. Usually, we find that the ideal length is a couple of months – a perfect fit for a semester.

Will I be at OJ Electronics all the time?

You certainly can if you want to! We find that many greatly enjoy being part of the team – and that they learn more this way; not just about their specific project, but about working at an international enterprise. If you’re expected to spend some or even most of your time at school/university during your internship/trainee programme, we can work around that, too – some come in once a week or even on an ad hoc basis.

Will OJ accept all kinds of candidates?

Generally speaking, we’re very open to applicants from all fields – and your project can be hands-on or theoretical in scope. The most directly relevant study programmes are those focusing on various aspects of product development and management, mechanics, hardware, software (including cloud software), and so on, but we welcome applicants from a very large field. If you can see yourself at OJ Electronics, it’s very likely that we can, too! We accept undergraduates and graduate students; we’ve seen several examples of undergraduates coming back as part of their graduate course.

I’m writing a major assignment/thesis. Can I come to you with that?

Even if you don’t want a full-blown internship/trainee programme, you can still be attached to OJ Electronics when writing major assignments/MSc theses. In such cases, you will have a specific contact assigned to you, ensuring that you always have someone to go with questions – and you have the opportunity to sit at OJ Electronics while working.

If you’re a student at a Danish university etc., there are structures and procedures in place for this – you probably already know about them, and you can always ask your on-site study guidance/counselling department for details. But we’re flexible at OJ Electronics, so if you’re interested in joining us from abroad, talk to us and let’s see what we can figure out.

Will I receive a salary?

Student interns do not receive a salary; Danish students will receive their usual study grant while attached to OJ Electronics. If you’re taken on as an actual trainee, you will receive a salary from OJ Electronics. For applicants from Danish universities, etc., there are firm rules in place for this – talk to your study guide/counselling department. Applicants from abroad are welcome to speak to us about the opportunities available to you.

Who will own the rights to the work I do?

If you work on your own projects while attached to OJ Electronics, the rights to your work remain yours – but of course we’d like your permission to use/present your results, for instance if you’re doing analysis work while here.
If you are attached to one of our projects, all rights belong to OJ Electronics – just as if you were a full-time employee with us.

I live outside of Denmark. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. We’re an international setting and welcome applicants from all over the world, including for student internships and traineeships. Only requirements are that you will need to have prior approved your visa and working permit. Contact us and we’ll see if we can work things out to our mutual satisfaction.