EMR Temperature Controller

The EMR temperature controller is designed to operate with several different types of temperature control requirement, and these modes are selected on the 6 dip switches on the top of the unit.

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EMR-12, Temperature Controller Valve from OJ Electronics A/S

EMRTemperature Controller

Valve control

To control the heating temperature, the EMR will operate a 24Vac/6VA powered modulating control valve via a 0-10V DC control signal. The valve can be a two port type that allows water to be injected into the under floor circuit, or a three or four port valve that allows water to be mixed from the boiler circuit down to the under floor circuit in the correct proportion.

  • 0-10V output for actuator
  • Relay for pump and boiler
  • Timed overrun of pump
  • LED indication of sensor error
  • Night setback
  • Frost protection
  • Limitation of supply or return temperature

Product Documents

Product Sheets
Product Sheet, EMR, English
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Product Sheet, EMR, German
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Product Sheet, EMR, Polish
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Instructions, EMR-12, English
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