MTU2 Thermostat for Wall Mounting

Recommended for control of underfloor heating and electrical heating.

Product regions: Europe, Asia & South America, Australasia & Africa

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MTU2High comfort

OJ Microline®  – Wall-mounted Thermostat

For surface wall mounting applications we recommend MTU2 type thermostat.

MTU2 is an electronic on/off thermostat with control up to 3600 W, 16A. Setback temperature via external timer.

  • Setback temperature via external timer
  • Control up to 3600W, 16A

Product Documents

Product Sheets
Product Sheet, MTU2, English
File type/size:PDF ( 98.95 KB )
Product Sheet, MTU2, German
File type/size:PDF ( 445.95 KB )
Product Sheet, MTU2, Polish
File type/size:PDF ( 684.05 KB )
Product Sheet, MTU2, Spanish
File type/size:PDF ( 331.13 KB )
Product Catalogue 2023 Europe-Asia-South-America, English
File type/size:PDF ( 2.59 MB )
Product Catalogue 2023, Australasia / Africa, English
File type/size:PDF ( 4.00 MB )
Instructions, MTU2 (DA, NO, SV, FI, DE, FR, PL, TR, UK, PT, ES)
File type/size:PDF ( 273.93 KB )

Product FAQ

Where to connect the ground wire of floor mats?


The ground wire in the floor mat must be connected directly to the ground wire of the supply.

Installation – Length of sensor cable


What is the maximum length of the sensor cable?


In general, it is recommended that the maximum sensor cable length should be 164 feet/50 meters, the length might be shorter. Read the instructions for the precise maximum length.

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