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At OJ Electronics, purchasing activities support the mission and corporate values. A crucial part of these efforts is to constantly maintain and develop a supplier base comprising suppliers who are the best in their respective business areas.

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Our Suppliers

We value good relations and cooperation with our suppliers with various degrees of closeness, but the group of suppliers is not static. We will keep the option open to appoint competitive new suppliers at any time.

We are therefore interested in hearing from suppliers who can offer us products and services on competitive terms.

Global setup

At OJ Electronics, we have a global production setup where production is located in Denmark and EMS service is used in Europe and Asia.

As a supplier to OJ, you will need to be able to support our EMS partners offering the same service, prices and terms as you provide to our facility in Denmark.

and contracts

A requirement for entering into cooperation with OJ Electronics A/S is that the below-mentioned contracts have been accepted and signed.

Supplier Agreement
OJ standard contract. Find PDF file here.

Terms and conditions of purchase
These are a part of our standard contract. Find PDF file here.

Code of Conduct
Find PDF file here.

If you can accept our terms, you are welcome to contact our Strategic Purchasing department for further negotiation.

Contact and
Product Areas

Michael Mortensen
Head of Strategic Purchasing

EMS partners
Denmark, Europe and Asia


Henrik C. Laue
Strategic Purchaser

Silicone Parts, Plastic Parts, Tooling for Plastic, Seals, Buttons

Mechanical parts, Profiles and metal parts, Motors, Tooling for Mechanical Parts, Fasteners

Cables and Sensors
Cables – Wires, Cable harnesses

Claus Mikkelsen
Strategic Purchaser

Power Electronics, Transistors, Integrated circuits, Rectifiers, Triac, Semiconductors, Microprocessors

Relays, Potentiometers, Coils, Pressure sensors, Voltage sensores, Transformers

Tina Neitzel
Strategic Purchaser

Electrolytic caps., X-Tal and Resonators, Resistors, Capacitors, LED, Thermistors, Batteries, Fuses, Wireless, Diodes, Z-diodes

Terminal blocks, Connectors, PCB, Switches

Material and Tooling for Packing; Labels and User Manuals