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Adding extra value to your business is our business. This is our main objective – and has been for more than half a century. With OJ you benefit from a vast experience with in-dept application know-how and a solid proven record for innovation combined with a sound respect for your business goals.

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Our MissionImproving the climate through electronic controls – for people, planet, and partners

At OJ we go to work every day to improve the climate for both people and the planet.

Every day our HVAC Controls & Drives and electric floor heating thermostats solutions improve the indoor climate and comfort in thousands of buildings and houses. At the same time saving energy to benefit the climate on our planet.

In the past we produced products. Today we supply connected solutions that are easy to control from everywhere in the world, whether it is for improved comfort or maintenance for the user.

We are certified on quality, environment and occupational health and safety. Our certificates are ready for you to download.

Quality – ISO 9001 Environment – ISO 14001 Occupational Health and Safety – ISO 45001


At OJ we are innovators. Consequently, our vision is all about innovation. It consists of three words: WIN NXT GEN.

It is the vision and aspiration of OJ to win the next generation in HVAC Controls & Drives and electric floor heating thermostats at our customers. It is a never-ending commitment. Always meeting the market with new products, embracing new technology when it supports your business goals – not too early, never too late.

Know-How creates Strong partnerships

At OJ Electronics, we build our business on strong partnerships.

What drives our values is a passion to excel at controls for floor heating and HVAC. Along with our passion you get innovation capabilities, first-class know-how on software and in-depth knowledge of application.

In everything we do, we strive to become your preferred partner in electronic controls and digital services.

Through joint value creation, we boost your competitiveness by helping you to differentiate yourself in the market.

We create results through our
dedication to five focus areas:

Know-how to Create

The best product in one competitive package. At OJ Electronics, we’re specialists. We focus exclusively on creating thermostats for electric floor heating and controllers for ventilation applications. As a result, we have acquired broad and deep industry and market insight, drawing on our long-standing connections with the most important players in the industry.

We keenly follow the industry and its developments, and we are ready to offer solutions whenever new commercial opportunities occurs.

As your provider of connected electronic solutions, we help you carry out efficient co-creation processes, interacting directly with your people in sales, marketing and development, sharing our knowledge of your industry – and of your customers.

Your benefits:

  • Customised solutions based on proven technology and deep market insight
  • Real partnership with expert developers that work as your engineering arm
  • Optimised workflows and cost efficiency in your R&D department

From production to management, across R&D and sales – our entire OJ-organisation is founded on expert knowledge at every level working closely as a unity contributing to your solution.

Our Diamond Model: experts speak to experts

We create results by engaging in close partnerships with our customers. When we integrate with you, we are able to provide you with excellent operational performance and create a vision of future products with you.

To make that happen our teams in product management, supply chain, R&D and quality management integrate with your teams ensuring that projects, targets and deadlines are aligned.

Essentially, you’ll feel, that we are becoming your engineering arm.

Your benefits:

  • Instant access to experts with great experience and in-depth application know-how
  • Faster execution
  • Minimal loss of knowledge in all collaboration
  • Promotion of idea generation and more innovative solutions
  • Exact evaluations that allow for rapid corrective action if needed

OJ will apply a diamond partnership approach at all VIP/A customers. Step by step the KAM will build relationships between the OJ team and the team of our VIP/A customers. A strong and structured diamond relationship will help sustain the partners.

Unique Possibilities for Customisation

We deliver high-quality product platforms as the perfect foundation for your customisation and differentiation. We develop and manufacture control units. That’s our core concern. Every product is created on the basis of a common product platform that meets or exceeds the needs and demands of the market.  We use the common product platform as a springboard, when we develop a unique, customised solution for you.

Your benefits:

  • You make the most of your R&D investments as we deliver the common product platform
  • You get shorter time-to-market, as you won’t need to start from scratch when the need for a specific product arises
  • Having unique, customised solutions enables you to set yourself apart in the market on the exact parameters that are important to you and your customers
Exceptional Processes

We take pride in combining the high-level quality processes of a big company with the agility of a start-up. In order to achieve this, we make your targets our targets. Our professional processes provide quality whether it is in forecasting, handling non-conformances or executing a mutual innovation in product development

We are so proud to prove our quality and delivery performance that we invite you to assess us – if you don’t, we do it ourselves

We always aim for full transparency in the event of non-conformances. We use acknowledged tools such as 8D and root cause analysis to solve the problem and report back to you.

Accurate predictions are another key concern: our Quality Management System (QMS) means that you can be sure of receiving your deliveries, even when lead times for components are long.

It goes without saying that we fully comply with the ISO 9001 standard – and have done so since 2000. See our ISO 9001:2015 certificate here.

Your benefits:

  • Professional, agile processes
  • Delivery on time, on quality
  • Follow-ups on deliveries
  • Proven quality
Global Supply Chain Setup

With production facilities in Asia, Eastern Europe and Denmark, we have a global production setup that ensures competitive prices, proximity to your markets and the option to have customised solutions based on standard platforms.

We can deliver locally, regionally or globally. If short delivery times is a priority for you, we can set up local warehouses to keep you covered.

Your benefits:

  • Worldwide delivery – on time, on quality
  • Short lead times – through world class forecasting
  • Full scalability – If you ramp up, we deliver

Working with you.

We want you to know what we know. That way, we’ll take our businesses forward together.

We put you in touch with the people who make a difference to you. No middlemen, no delays.

Close co-operation across organisations makes everyday life easier for everyone – and paves the way for innovation.