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UN Sustainable Development Goals

OJs goal is contributing to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency. Our goal is to improve the climate. Always.

Not only in our local area in Sønderborg, but also wherever we do business internationally. It’s about safeguarding the future, not just for OJ,
but the planet we all live on.

Inspired in part by the worldwide growing focus on sustainability, we have incorporated in particular three of the SDGs, into our OJ corporate strategy:

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7.3. To double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency

Our goal is to improve the climate. Always. And our products provide ventilation and temperature control, which is precisely what improves the indoor climate of homes and workplaces in the most energy-efficient way possible.

A perfect fit!


8.2. Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation

We strive to remain abreast of technological developments at all times. Among others, we collaborate with external experts from the University of Southern Denmark. We prioritise setting aside resources so we can find new possibilities in technology that can benefit our products in the future, and thereby also benefiting our customers.

8.6. Promote youth employment, education and training

We want to be part of helping young people in their training. This is how we demonstrate responsibility and decency in the labour market. It’s an initiative we will set targets for and begin to measure.

8.7. End modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour

At OJ Electronics, most of the manufacturing is done by sub-contractors. Around 70%. This is why we have developed a Code of Conduct for suppliers (link to code of conducts), which contains, ex; refusal to use child labour, the requirement for employees to be free people with the right to join unions, etc.


12.2. Sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources

OJ Electronics is currently an active part of Sønderborg Municipality’s ‘Project Zero’, with an aim to convert the energy system and reduce CO2 emissions for the area to zero in 2029. Our goal is to earn environmental certifications documenting our efforts.

OJ Electronics additionally focus on reducing waste volumes, so that is is not just a matter of the manufacturing and increased lifespan of our products, but also about sustainability when to dispose of them.

12.4. Responsible management of chemicals and waste

We trace and document which chemicals are in our various components, and where these components are then used.

12.3. Halve global per capita food waste

We make an effort to minimise food waste.

The effect of reducing food waste might be small and local, but the effect is very visible and contributes to raising awareness among our employees. It all about changing out mindset