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WLOC3 / WLRC3 Universal Master for wired or wireless communication

The master is universal and can be used for wireless communication if a receiver is connected. Sensors with either wireless or cable communication can be combined in the same system.

Notice: Discontinued product


WLRC3-19 WLOC-19Wired and Wireless Communication

Wired communication

Low-voltage sensors/controllers are connected to the Master in a star or series using standard 2-core wires (0.25 mm2). The total length of a wire may be up to 300 m with a maximum of 100 m between any two units. If the system is subsequently extended, the new room sensor / controller is simply connected to the nearest wire or room sensor.

Wireless communication

The Master is universal and wireless communication is possible if a receiver is connected. A frequency band of 868 MHz is used in order to maximise communication stability. Activating the sensors/controllers is extremely easy: set the Master in learning mode and press the activation button on the sensors/controllers.

  • Sensors/controllers use standard AAA batteries with a low-battery alarm,
    that can be turned off for 24 hours until the batteries have been replaced
  • Sensors with either wireless or cable communication can be combined in the same system

Product Downloads

Instructions, WLOC3-19
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Instructions, WLRC3-19
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