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Recipient of Sonderborg at Work certificate

On Friday, January 20 we and 57 other companies based in Sonderborg municipality, received the Sonderborg at Work-certificate. The certificate is given to us and the other companies because we have taken on social responsibility.

To take a greater responsibility within the community and helping people in vulnerable positions, has always been something close to our heart. Which is why it was a great joy of ours, when the board of Sonderborg at Work decided that there is a need to be a greater focus on socially responsible companies. And they are putting focus on this, through the Sonderborg at Work certificate.

We’ve been granted the Sonderborg at Work certificate, because our company is based in Sonderborg municipality, and we have worked with at least two out of the three following areas:

  1. A spacious labor market
    The company makes room for people in vulnerable positions
  2. Well-being and sick leave
    The company fights sick leave and poor well-being
  3. Education and lifelong learning
    The company contributes to strengthening employee skills and providing education for the coming workforce

We are proud to have received the Sonderborg at Work-certificate together with so many great companies. It’s a joy to see that we all agree upon the fact that we have a shared social responsibility in our municipality.