New MCD3 thermostat for future-proof floor heating

The European Ecodesign Directive sets high requirements for underfloor heating systems. Fortunately, the new digital MCD3 thermostat from OJ Electronics makes it possible to meet these requirements in full and takes electric floor heating well into the future.

Automation in floor heating is the future

The ratified EU directive is all about energy efficiency and resource management. It aims to help the EU reach its goals of reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions by 55% in 2030 – ultimately to ‘zero emissions’ by 2050.

In 2022 another regulation will be ratified for the directive. It describes a number of additional requirements for heating systems, including underfloor heating solutions. The key part of this prompts an increased level of automation and, fortunately, that is exactly what the new MCD3 thermostat was designed for.

“We have developed a thermostat with a targeted suite of features and functions, enabling you to comply with all EU rules without the need for any additional equipment. We made an all-in-one solution, easy for users to operate – one unit to offer all control options. I personally think we succeeded, and I am sure customers will enjoy the way the MCD3 allows you to tailor systems to each customer”.

Per Skovsund from OJ Electronics
Per Skovsund, Product Manager, OJ Electronics

Future-proof design to increase energy efficiency

Some of the defining features in the MCD3 are the functions ‘Scheduled Heating’, ‘Adaptive Start’, ‘Open Window’ and ‘Manual Override’. Each of them promotes system automation, saves energy, and ultimately helps us toward EU’s energy-saving goals and a more sustainable future.

MCD3 Thermostat from OJ Electronics

’Scheduled Heating’ offers automated control of heating levels during the day or for certain days of the week, all in compliance with the user’s changing needs, whereas ‘Manual Override’ allows the user to deviate from the “programmed heating schedule” – just by touching a button.

To ensure no users need to worry about the thermal properties of their floor, the ‘Adaptive Start’ function provides ‘pro-active’ heating that automatically compensates for any thermal delay of any given floor. The ‘Open Window’ feature on the other hand detects sudden temperature drops, for example when a window is opened, and then turns off heating immediately in order to save energy.

The MCD3 can also be connected to a compatible external controller, taking the floor heating system to the level of a “Smart Home”-solution.

Tried and tested by real people

The fact that the MCD3 achieves highest rating, according to the Ecodesign Directive, is no coincidence. Every detail – from the impressive technical specification to the comprehensive set of features – has been thoroughly examined.

“We have conducted quite a lot of field studies for this product,” says Simon Nielsen, OJ Export Manager. “We have paid close attention to market trends and listened carefully to customers, evaluating it for us. Based on that and our many years of experience, we’ve created a truly ’best-in-class’ controller that abides by the EU regulations as well as all current market demands”.

Simon Nielsen and his team have already received several enquiries about the MCD3, and he expects to ship the first orders already during Q1 2022.

“We are ready to roll. Our production capacity is high and geared for high-volume orders, so I’m sure we’ll see the first systems with a MCD3 very soon”, Simon Nielsen states.

Read or download the MCD3 brochure

The MCD3 benefits in brief

  • Highest rating according to the European Ecodesign Directive
  • Possible to integrate with external control
  • Contemporary design, compatible with standard wall sockets and available in several colours
  • Intuitive user-interface for trouble-free programming and daily use
  • Recommended for both tile and wooden floors


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