ETOG-55 Ground Sensor

Designed for embedding into the surface of the outdoor area.

Product regions: Europe, Asia & South America, USA & Canada, Australasia & Africa

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ETOG-55Ground sensor for temperature and moist detection

The ground sensor, type ETOG-55, is designed for embedding into the surface of the outdoor area.

The sensor detects both temperature and moisture. The sensor can be mounted where snow and ice problems normally occur.

Product Documents

Product Catalogue 2023 Europe-Asia-South-America, English
File type/size:PDF ( 2.59 MB )
Product Catalogue 2023, Australasia / Africa, English
File type/size:PDF ( 4.00 MB )
Instructions, ETOG-55 (EN, DE, IT, FR, PL, RU, CZ, FI)
File type/size:PDF ( 561.90 KB )

Product FAQ

Does my ETOG-55 work?

I need to know what I'm suppose to measure on my ETOG-55 sensor.

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