• ETO2

    Controller for Ice & Snow Melting

    An intelligent all-in-one solution for ice and snow melting suitable for any application which uses hydronic or electric heating.

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  • ETR2

    Ice & Snow melting controller

    The ETR2 Ice & Snow melting controller for small applications keeps gutters and small ground areas free of ice and snow.

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  • ETOG-56

    Embedded ground sensor

    Designed for embedding in the outdoor surface using the ETOK-1 sensor tube.

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  • ETI DIN rail thermostat from OJ Electronics


    Compact on/off thermostat

    ETI is a series of compact ON/OFF thermostats for industrial applications, primarily ON/OFF control of a single electric heating element.

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  • ETOG-55

    Ground sensor

    Designed for embedding into the surface of the outdoor area.

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  • ETOR

    Gutter sensor

    The gutter sensor, ETOR-55, is designed for installation in gutters, downpipes, etc.

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  • ETF-744

    Outdoor temperature sensor

    The ETF-744/99 sensor is suitable for measuring outdoor temperature, and is normally used in combination with ETOR gutter sensors

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  • ETF-622

    Temperature sensor for pipes

    ETF is a temperature sensor designed for temperature control and monitoring in heating and cooling systems, and is suitable for pipe mounting (metal head).

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  • ETR

    Controller for heating cable in gutters

    The ETR is a thermostat for economical control of de-icing cables in gutters in smaller buildings e.g. family houses.

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  • ETOP-4770

    Snow melt controller protected

    Weather resistant smart controller for Snow & Ice melt with remote control option.

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  • ETOP-R

    Ice & Snow melting remote control for ETOP

    If you install the remote controller you will have the capability of viewing and changing system status from the comfort of indoors.

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