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In everything we do, we strive to become your preferred partner in electronic controls and digital services by helping you differentiate yourself in the market.

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OJ Thermostats are recognised worldwide for their ideal combination of form and function. Reliable. Well designed. Intuitive control. Full connectivity. Remote access.

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OJ Electronics Know-How Creates
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For more than half a century OJ Electronics have been designing and developing electronic controls for electric underfloor heating and HVAC Controls & Drives. We give you access to deep application knowledge and innovative power and help you differentiate yourself in the market. We are here to help build our customers’ business. Your business.

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This career site is the place to find job opportunities and different information about our company and the part of Denmark that we are situated in.

You can find information about what we expect if you apply for an open position and information about what you can expect when you join our recruitment process.

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