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Dedicated Fan Drives

Our drives for fans are designed for ventilation solutions and are delivered pre-programmed and configured. With more than 25 years of experience within drive solutions, we offer you a full programme of cRULus listed drives for fans, including differentiated EC solutions. All drives are designed and made in Denmark – and are delivered pre-programmed and configured as a plug and play solution.

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OJ ElectronicsFans for ventilation

At OJ we live, breathe, and sweat for the ventilation business, and we have done so for more than fifty years. This has provided us with a unique application know-how from which you can benefit. Choose from a wide range of integrated solutions with the option of decentral mounting of control – in, on or at the motor. The user interface is flexible with both one- and two-way control – using either Modbus or BACnet connectivity. Last but not least: the solution is fully integrable, also with 3rd party BMS-systems.

FanFans for Retrofit

There is great market potential in refurbishing older, simple ventilation systems using retro kits with several smaller and more efficient ventilators (fan walls or fan grids mounted with EC-technology). The energy savings are significant and, as a result, the payback period is short. We offer a no-nonsense solution that is able to control up to 16 fans in a given setpoint.

FanFan Solutions

The OJ DV product range features 13 power variants from 0.5 to 15 kW fitted inside different housing sizes to match any rooftop fan, plug fan, or AHU application and they can be used in the field of industry, indoor climate, data centres, energy solutions, agriculture, transportation and retrofit solutions.

We can help you differentiate your company in the market by the means of customisation based on a high-quality and proven product platform.

AHUFan Control

Pick and choose from a full product program dedicated to ventilation solutions. 13 variants from 0.5 to 15 kW fitted inside five different housing sizes covers your needs within AHU fan controls. The AHU fan controls support both OJ fan drives as well as leading fan manufactures’ protocols and 0-10V. We even offer a differentiated EC solution. All our fan controls come pre-programmed and configured at delivery.


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