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OJ Electronics have released its second generation of Drives for ventilation systems – the OJ DV GEN II. This new series of Drives is an upgraded version of the original OJ DV with enhanced grid immunity. It features improved hardware and software capabilities, making it a more efficient and versatile device. Some of the notable OJ DV GEN II features include faster processing speed, increased memory storage, and a more user-friendly interface. With these advancements, the OJ DV GEN II is better equipped to handle a wider range of tasks and applications, making it a more powerful tool for users.

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OJ ElectronicsInnovative Drives for Ventilation Systems

At OJ, we are passionate about the ventilation business. Our extensive application expertise has allowed us to deliver innovative Drives solutions for over 25 years. The OJ DV GEN II offers a flexible installation design, allowing for mounting either inside or outside the airflow. The removable front cover design allows for easy access to the connection compartment and provides the necessary space for connecting the option module cables.

The user interface is highly flexible, supporting both one-way communications using a 0-10V or a 4-20mA signal and a two-way control through Modbus and BACnet connectivity. Additionally, our solution is fully integrable with third-party BMS systems, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.

OJ DV GEN II High-Quality Drives for Your Need

The OJ DV GEN II series features 13 power variants from 0.5 to 15 kW. It meets a wide range of applications and industries, including indoor climate, data centers, energy solutions, agriculture, and transportation. They work with both IM and PM motors and are designed to match any rooftop fan, plug fan, or AHU application.

OJ DV GEN II is available in 230/400/480 & 600V supply options and features a wide range of conditions. All drives offer over-voltage detection and immunity against notches, spikes, and transients, making them suitable for most grids worldwide. OJ DV GEN II is CE, UKCA, UL, and CSA certified, providing you with confidence in its reliability and quality.

Our drives offer a customizable, high-quality, proven product platform to help you differentiate your company in the market.


Our Ultra Low Harmonic Drives are your ideal choice for any ventilation applications with strict harmonic distortion requirements. The drives are perfect for places with sensitive electronic equipment – such as data centers, hospitals, and airports.

The use of non-linear loads causes harmonic disturbances. A frequency converter or a drive that controls the speed of a motor is just one of many products that cause harmonic distortion on the supply grid. Our Ultra Low Harmonic Drives are designed with a 3-phase active front, which greatly reduces the total harmonic distortion of current (THDi) – typically bringing it down to less than 3% and, at full power, below 1.5%. This, combined with a power factor above 0.99, makes for a world-class product.

The NXT GEN low harmonic drive is here!

FanFans for Retrofit

There is great market potential in refurbishing older, simple ventilation systems using retro kits with several smaller, more efficient ventilators (fan walls or fan grids mounted with EC technology). The energy savings are significant, and, as a result, the payback period is short. We offer a no-nonsense solution to control up to 16 fans in a given setpoint.



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