Three phase power controllers

    EFS is a series of power controllers designed to control temperature via electric heating elements.

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  • HTH-6122

    Humidity transmitters

    HTH is a series of humidity transducers which are particularly suitable for measuring air humidity in rooms and ventilation systems.

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  • OJ-Air2LON

    Modbus- to LON-converter

    OJ Air2 LON Gateway is a RS485 Modbus- to LON-converter. It allows you to fully integrate the OJ Air2 system into any Building Management system, that communicates via Lon-Works protocol (FTT-10).

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  • OJ-Air2LON-A

    Control and monitoring air handling units

    The OJ Air2 system has been specially designed to control air handling units and forms a complete control system where all components are fully integrated and optimised.

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    Handheld Terminal

    OJ-DV Hterm is a handheld terminal for setting up and operating an OJ-DV. The hand terminal can be used to adapt OJ-DV operating parameters to the application concerned. It can also be used to read out current alarms.

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  • OJ-EC


    EC Controller

    OJ Electronics has specialised in electronic controls for ventilation systems for many years.

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    Handheld terminal for OJ-EC controller

    OJ-EC-HTERM is a handheld terminal used to set operating and motor parameters for an OJ-EC Controller and as well to operate the EC controller.

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    Handheld Terminal

    OJ-EC-Tool is a handheld terminal used to set and as well edit operating and motor parameters for an OJ-EC Controller

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  • OJ-LON

    LON Gateway

    LON Gateway The OJ-LON gateway provides connectivity for the OJ Electronics standard ventilation system, OJ Air, to a LonWorks network.

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  • OJ-LON1


    The OJ-LON gateway provides connectivity for the OJ Electronics standard ventilation system, OJ Air, to a LonWorks network.

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  • ETP-195x

    On/Off Electronic Thermostat

    ETP-195X Unitemp thermostats is a series of on/off electronics thermostats for regulation and monitoring of cooling and heating installations as well as industrial plants where accurate regulation is required.

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  • PRH-1212

    Constant Pressure Controller

    PRH is a constant pressure controller primarily used for controlling fans through an analogue 0-10 V signal.

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  • PTC 2k Sensors

    All-purpose temperature sensors

    A range of temperature sensors for used in heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

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  • ETP-97

    Allround ON/OFF thermostat

    The ETP-97 thermostat is an allround ON/OFF thermostat for industrial use.

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  • ETT-2

    2-step Thermostat

    For on/off regulation of heating plants in two steps. Available for heating function 2 types cover a scale range from 0 to +110°C. Equipped with two SPST, 6A.

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  • ESF-35

    Airflow transducers

    The ESF-35 is a series of electronic airflow transducers designed for measuring the air velocity of both natural and mechanical ventilation systems.

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  • RHX2M

    Modbus controlled rotary heat exchangers

    The RHX2 is a series of VVX controllers for speed control of rotary heat exchangers. It replaces the traditional solutions with frequency converters and geared motors.

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  • ETD

    Electronic difference thermostat

    The ETD is an electronic difference thermostat e.g. for ON/OFF control of the temperature difference between the heating source and storage tank in solar heating units and other types of heat recovery plants.

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  • EFK-20/21


    The EFK series is applied for accurate, electronic noise measuring. It is suitable for regulation of electric heating, for instance for floor and overhead radiation heating as well as for electric radiators.

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  • EFT

    Temperature Transmitter

    EFT is a complete series of temperature transmitters designed for temperature control and monitoring in heating and cooling systems.

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