EFS Three Phase Power Controllers

EFS is a series of power controllers designed to control temperature via electric heating elements.

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Three Phase Power Controllers, discont. EFS from OJ Electronics A/S

EFSSimple installation

Type EFS is a series of power controllers designed to control temperature via electric heating elements, e.g. in ventilation systems, electric radiators, electric underfloor and ceiling heating systems or radiant heaters. EFS is particularly suitable for infinitely variable control of large power outputs, e.g. in ventilation systems where supply air temperature is accurately controlled using electric heating elements.  EFS need simply be connected to an electric heating element and a temperature sensor to create a complete heating system.
EFS power controllers are sturdily designed to provide our customers with an advantageous combination of high quality, precise control and low lifecycle costs.

  • Remote temperature setting
  • Built-in power doubling relay
  • Can be used together with an external controller
  • Infinitely variable control of large power outputs
  • Sturdy design

Product Documents

Product Sheets
Instructions, EFS (DA, NO, SV, EN, FR, RU, PL, DE)
File type/size:PDF ( 1.38 MB )
Product Sheet, Controller-EFS, English
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Product FAQ

What is the difference between EFS-9252 and EFS-9253?

2 or 3 phased Power controller

The difference between EFS-9252 and 9253 is the number of thyrister in the unit. 9253 has 3 thyristers – and the 9252 only 2. 9253 is only used if the heat source is star connected and star point is connected to neutral.


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