Ultra-Low Harmonic Drive

    The OJ DV Ultra Low Harmonic drive lets you reduce harmonic distortion with an easy-to-install, compact solution. The 3-phase active frontend incorporated into the drive housing eliminates the need for additional filters and cables, enabling you to create fully finished, factory-tested units that offer minimal harmonic distortion.

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  • OJ Air2 Master

    Complete AHU control system

    The OJ Air2 system has been specially designed to control air handling units and forms a complete control system where all components are fully integrated and optimised.

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  • DRHX-RS-485 & Analog control (1-8Nm)

    OJ-DRHX RS-485 & Analog control

    Flexible DRHX with sophisticated software

    The OJ-DRHX RS-485 & Analog control is equipped with both Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP and an 0-10V interface for controlling, making it the perfect choice for refurbishment and much more.

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  • PTH-3×02(-DF)

    Pressure transmitter with analogue output

    This classic range of pressure transmitters is a firm favourite with quality-conscious professionals worldwide.

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  • OJ Air Cloud

    Cloud for AHU and ventilation control

    The cloud-based system provides a total overview of all the systems connected to the cloud and their current status.

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  • H4 housing


    Energy-Efficient Drives for Scroll Compressors

    Designed for compressors in AHUs and chillers. Built on proven OJ Drives® technology. With more than 25 years of experience in developing drives for ventilation systems, designing a dedicated drive for scroll compressors was the most natural thing for us to do.

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  • H1 housing


    Drives dedicated for ventilation applications

    OJ DV has been designed with ventilation applications in mind. It has one focus: to deliver exactly the features and functionalities you need from a ventilation drive, for any fan application.

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  • AHC-3000-B

    Compact AHU controller with Bluetooth

    The standard configuration is simple control of two fans and heat recovery with a 0-10V signal.

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  • OJ-Zonemaster

    Room control master

    A system tailored for energy-optimised operation and comfort control in buildings with VAV dampers.

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  • DRHX-Constan speed (1-8Nm)

    OJ-DRHX-Modbus control

    This is the basic variant in the DRHX family

    It still contains all the needed features and of course the new software rotor monitor/guard and silent motor operation

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  • OJ Air2 HMI 35T

    Touch control panel for AHU controller

    OJ-Air2-HMI-35T is a user-friendly control panel for installation within an air handling unit or on the wall in a room. The panel is used together with an OJ-Air2Master.

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  • PTH-6x0x-2

    Dual-input pressure transmitters

    These units have two inputs for pressure and two inputs for temperature. Combining these dual inputs in a single unit makes installation quicker and reduces the risk of mistakes.

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  • DRHX-Constan speed (1-8Nm)

    OJ-DRHX Constant speed

    Accurately controlled rotor speed

    The Constant speed variant is the new member of the DRHX family designed with simplicity in mind.

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  • AHC-3000-S

    Standard compact AHU controller

    The standard configuration is simple control of two fans and heat recovery with a 0-10V signal.

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  • AHC-3000-T

    Compact AHU controller with modbus

    The standard configuration is simple control of two fans and heat recovery with a 0-10V signal.

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  • AHC-3000-HMI-35T

    Intuitive touch operation of a compact AHU

    Want to change the temperature setting? Then simply tap the temperature shown on the screen and enter the new setpoint.

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  • OJ-Air2-HMI-20T

    2" touch control panel for AHU controller

    The touch control panel is ideal for adjusting the comfort level in kindergartens, workshops, sports centres, petrol stations and so on

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  • VTH-6202 / VTH-6242

    Air quality sensor

    High performance with a minimum of maintenance.

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  • ETN4

    All-in-one DIN rail thermostat

    If you need a thermostat for floor heating control, sauna, frost protection of pipes or cooling applications, the ETN4-1999 gets the job done.

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  • EFS

    Three phase power controllers

    EFS is a series of power controllers designed to control temperature via electric heating elements.

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