OJ-DC Energy-Efficient Drives for Scroll Compressors

Designed for compressors in AHUs and chillers. Built on proven OJ Drives® technology. With more than 25 years of experience in developing drives for ventilation systems, designing a dedicated drive for scroll compressors was the most natural thing for us to do.

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OJ-DV H4 housing from OJ Electronics A/S
H4 housing
OJ-DV H5 housing from OJ Electronics A/S
H5 housing

OJ-DC SeriesOJ-DC is a series of Frequency Converters dedicated for Compressors

This new series of drives is dedicated to compressor systems comprising 5 output variants (from 4 to 15kW) fitted in 2 different enclosures to match scroll compressors for chillers and AHUs.

Robust and built to last
With a durable aluminium enclosure, the DC series can continuously operate in almost any environment from -40°C to +50°C / -40°F to +122°F.

Energy efficient
The OJ DC drives save energy while providing reliable, highly efficient power for the compressor. With OJ DC, there will be efficiency of up to 97%.

BACnet ensures that information is exchanged standardised between sensors, actuators, and controls in a building. Equipped with BACnet MS/TP, the OJ DC can now be part of the building automation. BACnet MS/TP is running on RS-485.

Dedicated compressor functions
A dedicated drive for scroll compressors in your chiller or AHU system ensures optimal lubrication control and flawless performance regardless of variable loads or capacity. The DC drive is matched with your compressor specifications.

Plug & Play technology
Pre-programmed compressor settings help maximise functionality, while the removable front cover facilitates easy access to connectors for instant system configuration.

Norms and standards
The OJ DC series comes with a fully integrated EMC filter and therefore meets norms for emissions and immunity in industrial and residential areas EN 61800-3 (C1 and C2). IE requirements can be easily fulfilled using a PM motor with an OJ DC.

The OJ DC product series is cULus recognised according to UL 61800-5-1 and CS22.2.174.

Product features:

  • 5 power variants
  • 2 enclosure sizes
  • PM and BLDC motors
  • Operation from -40°C to +50°C
  • BACnet MS/TP
  • UL 61800-5-1, CS22.2.174 recognized

Product Documents

Product Sheets
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Brochure, OJ-DC, English
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Product Catalogue, HVAC Controls and Drives, 2024, English
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OJ-DV H4 housing from OJ Electronics A/S

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