OJ Air™ Plus Master Complete AHU Control System

The OJ Air Plus system has been specially designed to control a wide range of air handling units and forms a complete control system, where optional components, BMS and Cloud service are seamlessly integrated and optimized.

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OJ Air Plus AHU controller from OJ Electronics A/S

OJ Air™ Plus MasterFast, friendly, flexible, and futureproof HVAC controller with QuickPlug™ Modbus technology

The OJ Air™ Plus is the system’s central controller – pre-programmed for approximately 90% of all known applications and easily configured via a drag-and-drop wizard. Built-in flexibility and a comprehensive range of optional system components give you a versatile control solution for your current and future AHU portfolio.

The OJ Air Plus system can be scaled to meet your customers’ needs, and is designed to ensure efficient installation, fast AHU commissioning, energy-efficient operation, and minimum maintenance costs.

User-centric interface
The built-in web server features five user profiles that have been specially developed based on end-user research. This puts your customer in the driver’s seat and enables fast, efficient and a error-free interaction – so that service staff can hit the ground running. Advanced settings for indoor climate and energy savings are only accessible for more skilled personnel. Experts have access to dedicated features such as commissioning reports and settings.

More flexible access
The built-in web server can be accessed anytime from anywhere via our secure OJ Air Cloud service, ensuring fast and efficient service support. Facility managers can access the web server from a local IT network or via a touch panel connected directly to the controller. Thanks to built-in Wifi, service staff can even access the system via their own tablet device. There is no need for security approval or even access to the customer’s network, since the unit’s HMI and BMS ports operate on two different networks.

  • Ready to configure
  • Five user profiles
  • WiFi access point
  • Drag-and-drop wizard
  • OJ Air Cloud service

Packed with ports
The OJ Air Plus bundle of classic IO, universal IO, and communication ports supports a large part of the AHU market. Built-in Modbus drivers for a range of commercially available plug fans and actuators make it easy to benefit from a seamless digital bus inside the Air Handling Unit. The comprehensive range of OJ Electronics QuickPlug™ Modbus drives, sensors and IO extensions makes it easy to adapt your AHU to current and future customer needs.

The OJ Air family
The OJ Air™ Plus supports all OJ Air2Master applications and then some. Since the OJ Air™ Plus features a higher IO count, migration from OJ-Air2Master to OJ Air™ Plus can be as simple as just reassigning IO terminals and wiring. Upgrading an OJ Air AHC-3000 system to OJ Air Plus system is also very easy, since all IOs are physically mapped the same way. You only need to replace a single connector.


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OJ Air Plus AHU controller from OJ Electronics A/S

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