How our new AHU control software update will make it easy to connect heat pumps

The AHC-3000 series that you know is now even better. We improved the split-type heat pump connection. With our software update package, your AHU will perform better and consume less energy.

Our well-known AHC-3000 AHU controller series is perfect for use in decentralised and compact ventilation systems. This controller offers all the standard functions required by most systems, and it can be scaled to meet your specific requirements by choosing from various models, components, and pre-programmed add-on options. The AHC-3000 is a complete, all-around AHU control system. There is no need for additional equipment or programming. With the AHC-3000, you can design cost-effective solutions with no trouble and no extra software engineering cost.

AHC-3000 from OJ Electronics

AHC-3000 software update package

The new AHC-3000 software package is an essential upgrade for enhanced control of your AHU, as it maximises the heat pump performance. Heat pumps with DX compressor circuits have some inherent protection features which operate independently. One issue is to ensure that the compressor has enough oil to prevent a fatal breakdown. Another issue is maintaining the heat pump’s maximum performance by preventing ice from building up in the evaporator. Some heat pumps’ internal control logic expects the heat pump to be operated in a certain way, in order to keep these protection features running.

Activating the AHC-3000 software update package secures that the heat pump’s minimum operation and minimum stop time are met and that the heat pump continues to run during its de-icing periods.

Additionally, the digital outputs are now configurable, allowing you to use 230V / 24V relays where appropriate. It means that we are offering you the definitive, pricewise, highly reliable, flexible and ready-to-use AHU control solution.

“The new AHC-3000 software package is an essential upgrade for enhanced control of your AHU, as it maximises the heat pump performance.“

Jens Antonsen from OJ Electronics
Jens Antonsen, Product Manager, OJ Electronics


Energy crises boost demand for heat pumps

With the current energy crisis, it is a fact that the demand for heat pumps has increased. Beyond that, through the European Green Deal and its European Climate Law, the EU has set itself a binding target of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 by cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. In order to reach this goal, the EU has raised its 2030 climate ambition and started several new initiatives called the “Fit for 55 package”.

The Commission has proposed to increase the current EU-level target for energy efficiency from 32.5% to 36% and put forward several conditions to accelerate energy efficiency efforts by member states. Among them are increased annual energy savings obligations, new rules to reduce public building energy consumption, and targeted consumer protection measures.

The new initiatives to be adopted by the EU state members impact the public and private sectors. We know that any effort to save energy will count from now on. It is also a fact that the energy crisis has increased the demand for heat pumps in the past months. That is why we are working hard to offer solutions that help you to comply with all new regulations. Among our contributions is our new software package for AHC-3000.


We’re passionate about helping our customers save money, make their customers comfortable, and most importantly, contribute to our environment. Experience how our new software package for the AHC-3000 will make a difference!

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