Putting the future
in your hands

There’s a new handheld user interface for the OJ Drive product range
OJ Electronics has just launched an entirely new interface for the DV drive product range. Known as the OJ-DV-HMI-35T, this latest addition to the OJ family is a touchscreen panel with a user-friendly graphical user interface, specially developed for operating the OJ-DV range. It’s made using the latest technology, making it fully ready for the future.

Designed with users in mind throughout

‘We felt it was time to update our handheld interface for our Drive range, and as always we set out to do it properly. When designing the OJ-DV-HMI-35T, we focused on making it as user-friendly as possible. This holds true of the big stuff, like the decision to provide a large touchscreen, but also of the finer details like the structure of the menu. Users will find that it’s very easy to navigate.’
Says Preben Jessen, product manager at OJ Electronics.

The current functions/setting options include the following:

  • Status – including speed, current, voltage, temperature, time and power consumption
  • Drive setup – including type, min/max speed, ramp up/down time
  • User settings – including control time, analogue start, frequency, restarts and fire mode
  • I/O for configuration of digital inputs and outputs
  • Warnings and Alarms – offering descriptions and options
  • Modbus
  • Configuration – of motor and fan
  • Software version
  • More functions can be added later to meet customer demand.

Prepared for the future

The scope for future updates is an important point for Preben Jessen: ‘This is quite a major update of the Drive interface – it’s an entirely new piece of technology, not just an overhaul – and so we wanted to make it as future-ready as possible. It was created using the very latest components available, and as a result we have the option of adding more functions over time. It all depends on where the industry is headed and what our customers require, but the OJ-DV-HMI-35T is certainly ready for new challenges!’

Easy installation with Modbus and magnets

‘Easy installation is always a key concern when designing new equipment,’ says Preben Jessen, ‘and in this case, Modbus is a major help: the panel communicates with the OJ-DV unit via a Modbus interface, which is about as easy as it gets. In terms of physical installation, the bumper cover has two magnets, so on a metal surface you can simply click it in place. Of course, we’ve also included a hole for hanging it on a screw if that’s what the situation calls for’.

Well protected

Preben Jessen concludes by pointing out another small, but important aspect of the design: ‘We always consider the realities of everyday life when we make new solutions, so the OJ-DV-HMI-35T panel comes with a silicon bumper cover to protect it against bumps, oil, dirt and drops from heights of up to one metre. Because life happens!’

He adds that the new interface is part of OJ Electronics overall focus on support products: ‘This is part of our general efforts to provide all the auxiliary equipment and functions our customers require – now and in the years to come. As always, our development work directly reflect our customers’ needs, so if there’s a function you’d like to see – in this interface or for any other OJ Electronics product – we strongly invite you to tell us!’.

Replaces the OJ-DV-HTERM interface

The new OJ-DV-HMI-35T will replace the OJ-DV-HTERM model. ‘The old interface was due for an upgrade – so we’re very pleased to have come up with something entirely new that will meet the challenges of today and tomorrow,’ ends Preben Jessen

Key features of the OJ-DV-HMI-35T interface

  • Intuitive user interface
  • 3.5” colour resistive touchscreen
  • Sealing grade IP21
  • QuickPlug™ Modbus and supply installation
  • Supplied with 24 VDC from the connected DV
  • Bumper cover as outer shell
  • Mounted with magnet on metal frame
  • Compatible with OJ DV AOC software version 2.02 or newer.

The OJDV-HMI-35T is available now. For more information and to order, please contact your sales representative.
For technical data, please go to the product site on our website.