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EFRP-900 Remote setting potentiometer

EFRP is used as an external potentiometer for power controllers.

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EFRP-900Easy setting

Remote Setting Potentiometer

EFRP is used as an external potentiometer for power controllers type EFS and EFM for manual setting of output, or as an independent 0-10V or 10-0V potentiometer for manual positioning of damper or motor valve.

  • Damper positioning
  • Scale range 0-100%
  • Modern design
  • Wall mounting
  • Manual setting of power controllers EFS, EFM
  • Power supply from EFS, EFM or separate 24V AC/DC power supply
  • EFRP has a scale range of 0-100% corresponding to an output signal of 0-10V DC
  • The control signal can be changed to 10-0V by means of jumpers inside

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Product Sheets
Instructions, EFRP-900 (DA, SV, NO, FI, EN)
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Product Sheet, EFRP-900, Danish
File type/size:PDF ( 126.12 KB )
Product Sheet, EFRP-900, English
File type/size:PDF ( 125.16 KB )
Product Sheet, EFRP-900, German
File type/size:PDF ( 126.42 KB )
Product Catalogue, HVAC Controls and Drives, 2021, English
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