NTC-12k-sensors All-purpose Temperature Sensors

ETF is a range of temperature sensors designed for use in heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

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NTC-12k-sensors form OJ Electronics A/S

NTC-12k-sensorsRequirements must be carefully considered

All-purpose temperature sensors

ETF is a range of temperature sensors designed for use in heating, ventilation and cooling systems. No one temperature sensor satisfactorially meets all needs. The requirements to be met must therefore be carefully considered. Please see our product sheet for a full description of the different sensors and their applications. All major parameters have been taken into consideration in the design of our ETF sensors, including: measured temperature, mechanical load, corrosion, erosion and required response time.

NTC sensor type: ETF-22/33/55/99

  • Sensor for temperature range -30 – +125°C
  • Wide application range, commonly used for normal ambient temperatures
  • Precision +/- 5% Ohms at 25°C, equal to +/- 1.2°C. RTemp at 25°C = 12 KOhm
  • Sensor cables can be extende up to 200 meters without influence on the reading

Product Documents

Product Sheets
Product Sheet, ETF-NTC-12k, Danish
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Product Sheet, NTC-12k, English
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Product Sheet, NTC-12k, German
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Product Catalogue, HVAC Controls and Drives, 2024, English
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Product FAQ

Are OJ sensors configured with 2- 3- or 4-wires?

Standard configuration for OJ sensors is a 2-wire system

How to connect a 2-wire sensor with a 3-wire system?

See drawing:

Sensor / thermostat chart








ETI-1221 *
ETI-1551 *
ETP-1974 *
ETP-1951 *
ETP-1952 *
ETP-1953 *
ETP-1951-K *
ETZ-1951 *
ETZ-1953 *
ETT-2-1953 *
ETT-2-1952 *
ETD-1225 *
ETD-1226 *
EBST-5-1221 *
EFST-6-1221 *
EFST-6-3221 *
NTC-12k-sensors form OJ Electronics A/S

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